Mandarin Duck

No, that’s not what’s on the dinner menu (nothing that exciting for dinner here).

But remember this photo of a Mandarin Duck I posted before the end of the year?

canard-mandarin-620x295  I had made it to the Loopy Legend status at The Loopy Ewe and needed to send them an inspiration photo to have my Loopy Legend yarn  dyed after.


I got an email from friend Judy today that said “Is that you? The Mandarin Duck??”

Is she calling me a duck?? LOL – but I knew exactly what she was talking about because right below her email was the Loopy Groupie advance notice of today’s yarny updates at the shop.

You can see Denise’s Mandarin Duck  at that link.  I need to ask Sheri if I can post a copy of their photo of the yarn – but I had the photo side by side with the duck on my screen and Lorna’s Laces, who does the dying, did a great job matching up the colors.

So after seeing Judy’s email, I  HAD to go and quickly order 1 or 2 or 5 hanks of it for my stash. 🙂   Hmmmm wonder what that Mandarin Duck yarn wants to become……


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  1. I really liked the colors in your special Legend yarn and the inspiration picture that you chose. So much so, that I just ordered a skein of yours (and Judy’s too.) After all, it’s because of you two that my interest in knitting was encouraged. Thanks so much. I now have a yarn stash to add to my fabric addiction!

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