Once again I am not accomplishing all the things I planned to do today and it’s already nearly 1:30 p.m.  I must get busy.

I must NOT shop Etsy stores for some of the most gorgeous little knit stitch markers that I might have had to order some for me and some as gifts.

I most NOT shop another Etsy store where I love the handspun yarns she makes.

I must NOT create more Customfit project patterns when I need to finish the one I’m working on.

I must NOT order the yarn from TLE that I want for said Customfit project pattern that I just swatched and created the pattern for.

Oh well – I guess I have accomplished quite a bit since I did manage to do all those things along with going out for breakfast and doing some grocery shopping.  🙂

But all fun must come to an end (at least according to my checkbook!).  Time for a smoothie, toss in the last load of laundry (since I actually did remember to buy laundry detergent), and then first on the agenda – do the seams of my sister’s top so I can soak it and block it since the blocking boards are already taking up the sewing room table.  But first a trip out to the dumpsters and I don’t think I’ve retrieved the mail at all this week.   The sun is shining, it’s fairly warm (about 50) so not a bad day to go for a little stroll.

(or I may need to stroll into my yarn stash and see what I can find for this shawl  (Ravelry Link) I just love the stripes in it.




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