Blocking knits

I’ve gotten several emails asking how I block my sweaters.    I am no expert by any means.  There’s lots of articles, blog posts, tutorials, etc. on the web, in magazines and books.  So you have to pick what works for you.    Since the first sweater I made was a Customfit design by Amy Herzog, I followed her blocking method which worked wonderfully.  So that’s how I did my second sweater.

You can find Amy’s blog post about blocking here .  Main take away – make sure your wet pieces don’t stretch -handle very carefully and as little as possible, pin strategic measurements to your schematic measurements but let the sides alone.

20140406_2 The first photo is the one I posted yesterday of my sweater blocking.  I’ve got the places pinned out per my schematic.  But if you look along the sides – of the sweater it looks sort of lumpy and uneven along the edge — part of that is where the waist is pinned out to the correct size but the rest is because it looks like there’s a bit too much fabric because it’s wet.  If I were to pin all that out until it was nice and even, my sweater would be way too long.  You just sort of pat those areas out so they look good and wait to see what happens.


Now look at the second photo take this morning when the sweater is dry.  All that rippley edge is gone because this yarn shrinks slightly as it dries.


Time to head out for breakfast with a friend!





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  1. Thanks for the link to Amy’s blocking blog post! I’m being optimistic to think I’ll have Rocio ready to block anytime soon, but at least I’ll have the link in Pinterest so I can find it when I’m ready 🙂

    I just love the design in your sweater, and looking forward to seeing it all done. It’s going to be gorgeous!

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