That poor chicken……and other random thoughts…

What poor chicken you ask???

Image1Whatever lady laid that huge egg in the back row.  I was given a dozen farm fresh eggs by a coworker and I was so afraid I’d break them before I got them home.  They barely fit into the egg carton but that one was supersized.  The one in front of the huge one is actually the same size as a “large” egg I buy in the store so all the eggs in this carton are pretty darn large.  I cracked the egg open for breakfast this morning to see if it was a double yolker – no it wasn’t – but it had blood specs inside so  into the garbage disposal it went.

But two of these egg makes one rather large omelet – that’s for sure.    I may have to hard boil some of these  since Easter is coming — Granny used to hardboil her eggs for Easter in onion skins (rather than the bright colored dyes) to get them to turn this brown color.  We thought they were so cool when we were kids. LOL Hmmm or maybe I should try an over dye process like with fabric or yarn – start with the brown eggs and see what shades I get if I use the colored dyes. 🙂  Yes – add egg dye to tomorrow’s grocery list – I feel a dyeing experiment coming on.

Speaking of eggs –  If you like to see eagles up close and personal, check out the Alcoa eagle cam .  The baby eagle started hatching on April Fool’s day no less and was declared officially hatched the next day.  I just happened to look earlier today and got a great view of one of the adults feeding the baby – bits of rabbit were apparently on the menu and then one of the adults flew in with a big fish.  The bird’s eye view (bad pun) is so neat to see them all up close and listen to them – just amazing I think.

Switching gears – I saw this pretty Trellis scarf pattern on Ravelry earlier this week.  I just love the stitch pattern in it and am thinking about my next Customfit sweater.  I really like the yarn I used for my sister’s top and wanted to make a cotton sweater for me out of the same kind of yarn.  I’m thinking elbow length sleeves with scoop neck type pullover with a panel of this stitch pattern up the center front of the sweater and maybe on the sleeves.  So since I wanted to use the same type of yarn, used some of the leftovers from my sister’s top to swatch with.

So here’s the start of my swatch.Image5  I need to adjust my tension a bit – I was afraid of carrying the yarn where the stitches are slipped too tightly and pulling things in but I can tighten it up a bit tho I don’t mind the looser knit either – kind of looks like fish scales or upside down scallops.    I like the fabric it swatches out as on this size needle so just need to finish my swatch so I can gather the weight and gauge info and see how much yarn I need.


The sun is shining outside (the swatch photo was actually taken outside my door and notice it’s not sitting on snow!) and the temps must be about 50!  Heat wave.

Image8 Here’s what’s left of the ice and snow outside my door — just in the shade by the birdfeeder the ice still exists.

The hill is free of ice and snow. And yes, if you look very closely, there are weeds on the hill trying their best to turn green.

I still am reserving judgment as to whether winter is really over — but it does look promising for next week!









And my last rambling thought – Weight Watcher’s Snacks – ick! LOL  Okay I only tried one version of them so far and I’m sure there are people who like them but my own personal unsolicited opinion — I’ll pass on the WW’s snacks myself.

I ordered some a week or so ago when they were having a sale —  some little cracker type crunchy snacks.  Thought I would leave them in my desk in case I needed a treat – far better than eating the plentitude of snacks that are always available somewhere in the office (for instance, this week there were all kinds of treats on the floor above me for someone’s work anniversary one day, there was a baby shower where lunch was catered from Olive Garden and a big cake another day, there was a plethora of pies yesterday brought in by someone whose last day it was at the office and birthday cake another day — it was a very busy treat day last week.   And there’s any number of candy jars on desks around the office — a veritable land mine of not so healthy stuff – I still think I should get WW points added for all the stuff I don’t eat at the office. LOL  So back to the ordering of WW snacks — I ordered two different boxes of “crunchy” snacks and some of their shake mixes.  Haven’t tried the shakes yet  scratch that – I just went and made one.  But first the snacks – I got the Cheddar twists – they get a thumbs down from me (and several others at the office that I made try them) – they have been dubbed dog treats by the co-workers (I think I may feed them to the birds).   Anything with cheddar powdered flavor on it – it’s either good or bad but there are many more bad cheddar flavors out there – I didn’t like the flavor of this one – icky aftertaste.  And the “twists” which are supposed to be a cross between a pretzel and cracker – are hard (as in stale crunch sort of bite instead of crispy fresh bite).  Probably the lack of those butters and oils that make the “crunch” just not what I’m looking for.  I’ll stick to my Wheat Thins and popcorn if I want crunch.  I haven’t tried the mustard pretzels yet so not sure about those.

As for the shakes, those I bought for quick snacks and since they have 60% more calcium than a glass of milk I figured that would be good since I have a hard time getting the milk servings since I prefer the more unhealthy forms of milk servings to actual milk. 🙂  I got “creamy coconut” since I love coconut anything and coconut is apparently only available for a limited time – well heck, had to get two boxes of it then – what if they are really good and then they never sell them again!  and a box of chocolate ones.  Tried the coconut – it’s okay.   It tastes like coconut but yet there’s something about the coconut flavor that’s not quite right – too strong sort of .  I just mixed it plain (with ice cold water and a bit of ice per the box).  Will I order more? — no, don’t like it that much.   Will I drink the rest of them — yes actually — I think it would be much better with the mix added into my fruit smoothies I’ve been making. I get the added calcium and I think the other ingredients will dilute the coconut flavor so it’s more subtle and tastes better.

So that’s my unsolicited personal opinion on the WW snacks.  You’ll have to stay tuned to see if the mustard pretzels and the chocolate shake get a thumbs up or down. 🙂

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  1. There isn’t a reason that you can’t eat the egg with the occasionally blood spot in it, especially if it is a farm fresh egg. Just separate the spot out and cook the rest of the egg.

    • Yes there IS a reason I can’t eat the egg with blood spots in it — it’s gross, it turns my stomach, and I would never be able to eat it. Yes, I realize that from a scientific approach that it doesn’t make the egg “bad” but nope nada not going there, it’s just too gross for me to do.

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