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It’s DPPAS’s weekend so two new blocks to work on which I have posted the names of.  The photos that are getting posted from this project are so adorable.  Each dog so unique by quilter’s fabric choices, colors, embellishments — even the slight tilting of a head or ear makes the look so unique.

I am woefully behind — only having two of the (now as of today) six blocks done.  Now that my sewing room has been cleaned up, I hope to (well mess it up probably) but hope to go through the stash to pick the fabrics I want to use for the four blocks I need to catch up on and get the pieces cut.

In the meantime,  giveaway winners for April……

I used the random letter generator again and decided we’ll do two winners this month.  So I decided that this month I’d pick winners  starting from the end of my list of participants (which is not in alphabetical order and anything like that – people were just added to it as they signed up and completed the process).  I always loved when the teacher would do things for a change starting backwards on the alphabetical list of students since there weren’t many students between R and the end of the alphabet in my class.

Anyway, the first name going backwards I came to that had the letter the random letter generator picked in it gets one of the large 2015 DPPAS calendars and the second name gets the smaller version of the calendar.

So on to the winners – the random letter is:




So the winner of the larger calendar is:

april winner


And the winner of the smaller one is:

april winner2


Ladies please email me privately with your mailing information (my email address is listed under my photo  at the top of the blog).   Oh and just a word on the mailing of the DPPAS giveaway prizes.  If you live in the U.S., your prize will go out within a week or so of winning — however long it takes for me to remember to take it to work with me to get in the mail. 🙂  If you are outside the U.S., I’m going to wait until closer to the end of the year to mail all those out at one time so I only have to deal once with going to the post office and filling out all the forms etc.


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    • There is no download this month – downloads are only if I have some tip or something to share regarding the blocks we’re making. Since the blocks are all pretty straight forward, and I’ve given my biggest tips already, there may not be any downloads until we get the putting it all together phase.

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