Blended Breakfast

I picked up a new little blender about a week ago and finally got  a chance to try it out today.   I wanted a new one  – mostly to make smoothies.  I have one of those Magic Bullets (as seen on TV) and hate it – it definitely never chopped and mixed as quickly as their infomercials showed and couldn’t handle ice and the containers are too small if you really want to mix a smoothie- no room for stuff to move around.   Perhaps I got a lemon – but most annoying was the sound – it was very loud and very annoying and sounded like the motor would burn up at any second.  That one is outtahere —  the Living Solutions is quieter and much easier to use.  Plus it has two really large plastic containers that have drink lids or storage lids for them.  It turns ice to snow – love it.  Don’t know how long it will last but it  was truly a bargain at Walgreens since it was on sale and it’s  inexpensive to start with.

I would have liked to have tested it out by making a big ole chocolate malt in it 🙂  but I made this instead.

20140330_2 Frozen peaches, frozen banana, raspberries, skim milk, a bit of fat free cool whip. I was amazed how well the skim milk whipped up – it’s nice and thick and creamy – thick enough to float a raspberry on top.  Quite delicious and low in points– win win situation and if I had just drank it out of the blender glass – one glass to wash (but I wanted to see if when I poured it out everything was actually blended) so dumped it into another glass.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon organizing yarn, yarn containers, and Space Bag-ing some clothes to pack away in the back of the closet.  Now I’m just going through the odds and ends – projects in progress that all got dumped in a basket and are all tangled – straightening all that out.   But moving all that yarn about has me thinking — I would make this with that yarn and that with this yarn …. no do NOT start another project.  Work on one of those already in progress! 🙂


3 comments on “Blended Breakfast

  1. I use whatever I have in the freezer and fridge. I also make “ice cream” at night by adding a lot of frozen fruit and a little coconut milk. I have a blendtec, super duty if you d a lot. As powerful as the expensive one but half the price. Still somewhat pricy though. I add spices, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa powder, flax, oatmeal for variety And I include a few leaves of spinach as well for iron!!

    I saw a recipe for an apple pie one and copied it. Yum!!!

  2. Your smoothie looks great! Did you use a recipe, or just what you had on hand? Thanks for the product tips. :o)

    • Did I follow someone else’s recipe? – no, but it’s a smoothie so they are all pretty much the same in my opinion. I looked at several smoothie recipes to see what was in them – and to decide if I should add ice or not, milk versus juice, to add yogurt or not – but I have a freezer and fridge full of fruit so could have added all kinds of other fruits instead. The beauty of a smoothie is there’s no recipe needed in my opinion – I just figured out the measurements I used in order to figure out the WW points.

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