On the Needles Friday – March 28, 2014

20140328_4  I’m moving along on my Cardipalooza / Wollmeise KAL sweater.  Back is done and I may block it this weekend so it will be ready to go when I get to the stitching together part.  Here’s the right front – moving right along.  I had to snap the photo fast because it’s got a mind of its own at the moment (the sweater – not the camera) and the edges kept wanting to curl under.

I need to do some figuring and figure out how many more rows before the armhole shaping starts.  I ‘m going to make the lace pattern closest to the side seam end shortly and the one that runs along the very front will go up to the neckline but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to end up with the top of the flower  ending in a not choice location.  But it will be what it will be because I’m not ripping back.

So my plan for this evening — just to sit and knit.  I did way too much spring cleaning Sat thru Tuesday so I think I just might not do any this weekend.

My sister’s sweater will hopefully get finished off this weekend.  Just the finishing touches of neck edge and armhole edge are left to do.


I did get a box of fun stuff today (which is not the same as a “Box of Fun”)   – fabric instead of yarn from Equilter.

I found some fabric to make another “knitting on the bus project bag” — a smaller than the one I recently finished for the loopy challenge — sock take along size maybe.

Anyway it’s based on a children’s book and I couldn’t pass it up since it’s about riding the bus — well actually the Pigeon wants to DRIVE the bus.



The tan one says “I have dreams you know!” (about wanting to drive those buses) and the other has other sayings from the book – my favorite is “C’mon! Just once around the block!”. LOL   And since I previously bought yarn and the color name  of it was “Can I drive the bus” well I definitely needed a bag to go with that yarn right?

I have a friend who works for a company that insures buses so I got extra to make her a little wall hanging or something out of it for her office. 🙂

There were other fabric goodies in that bag too but I’m most excited about the fabric I got to make bedroom curtains – even prettier in person and goes perfectly with the new bedspread.


The camera flash is really washing out the bedspread.  It is muted tones but darker than it appears.  The mottled fabric, which I bought to make a throw pillow or two for the bed, has all the colors in it that the bedspread does but darker shades.   The curtains will be the strips, which have some gold glint in them.  Can’t wait to get those sewn up.