The new bed

20140325_1 The new bed risers I ordered arrived in the nick of time.  I was just unboxing them as I got the call from the delivery guys that they would be here in less than 10 minutes (10 minutes before their appointed 2 hr delivery window started).  So I quickly put them in place, they whisked in the new bed and got rid of the old.  Then I walked up to the bed and though I knew it would be high, I didn’t think about the fact that I had the frame feet screwed up as high as they would go so that without risers I could just get two storage tubs of yarn under the bed.  But this was just a bit higher than I wanted. LOL

So I pulled the box spring and mattress back off, lowered all the feet dropping the bed by about 3″ and it’s still high but I don’t need a step stool to get on it.

Then the wrestling match was on with the mattress pad. I don’t have the bed far enough away from the wall that I can walk down the far side of it so hop on top and try to get the mattress pad – which is a tight fit – in place and not slide off when I try to slide one of the other corners on.  Third try was a charm!

Second round of the wrestling match.  Have you ever tried putting a bed skirt in place and then sliding the mattress back on top.  Actually I tucked the ruffle along the front side and bottom under the box spring to hold it and managed to not slide it along when I put the mattress back.  Whew!  I got my workout for today.  The plain pillowcases – the writing on them doesn’t show up in the photo but they were the $2.99 set I found and one says “I’d rather” and the other “stay in bed”. 😉


So here it is, all put together.  Now to get the two yarn tubs back under the bed and see what else I can stick under there – like the sweaters I space bag vacuumed yesterday.  Now I just need new pillows and to put something up on the walls which have been blank ever since they repainted the walls – more than a year go.  I also bought fabric for curtains to go over the binds in here too.  A sewing project for another day – new curtains for the bedroom, the sewing room and a new fabric shower curtain.

20140325_4I ran a quick errand to the grocery store after the bed was delivered – it’s only about 25 degrees and the sun makes it look nice out but once again, that wind proved to be very chilly.  But a few groceries and bus tickets and I’m set for the rest of the week.

The rest of the day was spent sorting and tossing and tidying in the sewing room.  Mostly it was paper related and not fabric related — box of old bills, tax papers which have been sorted so I can run them through the shredder.  The on to the box of patterns – most of them were my designs that were old drafts, etc. that I didn’t need to keep.  Way too much paper clutter so I’ve gotten rid of a lot.

But I have declared cleaning over for today!  Time to relax!  I’ve got my spring cleaning about half done — not to wait until it finally actually feels like spring (since there was fresh snow on the ground this morning but just a dusting).

I did get the front of my sister’s top finished last night.  Just need to decide if I want to assemble it the way the pattern says (sew one shoulder seam and then pick up all the neck stitches and do the neck trim)  I’m not sure I want a seam in one side at the neck trim (where you join the other shoulder) so may sew both shoulders and then do the trim.  But first I need to wind a new ball of yarn for my sweater so I can cast on the fronts – I think I’m going to knit both of them at the same time since I’m just winging how I add the lace pattern – that way they’ll both end up the same.

Whew! I’m tired! and hungry! Hope I picked up something good at the grocery store for dinner.