Monday Morning Messes

Well at least one  mess is greatly improved – the bedroom is pretty much done.

20140324_4There’s still some extra “stuff” – couple little accent lamps and the bag I started for donation to move and I moved the flat screen from my sewing room into the bedroom and need to take the old (nonflat screen, analog tv) into the sewing room.  My ancient VCR only hooks up to the old tv and I’ll be able to watch the old VCRs which contain some of my favorite movies while I sew.

Cleaned out most of the closet (not all – I’ll delve into the deep recesses when I’m actually able to pack away more winter clothes) but did vacuum suck two space bags full of the heaviest sweaters – I’m done wearing those whether Mother Nature agrees with me or not!

Linens are on shelves in bookcase and finished quilts and wall hangings stacked on shelves and some getting washed.   Now I just need to figure out what wall hangings to put up on the walls.  I think there’s one needed above the chair

and this space above the nightstand needs a pop of color.  And I decided last night to check out Amazon for bed risers and found the same kind as I had  bought one set of.  Ordered two more sets and they’ll arrive tomorrow, free shipping, and with my Amazon points added in cost me less than the one set I bought on clearance.

20140324_5So no having to wait until I get to the right short of store to look for more and try to find some the same height.

And one of yesterday’s purchases did double duty.  The new bedspread I bought came in one of those nice heavy zip plastic bags – with a handle on it even – I love those bags for storing sweaters, quilts, and yes…… they work great for yarn.

20140324_6This one was just the right size for all the yarn I had gotten a couple months ago for the striped sweater I want to make.  So all in one place where I’ll remember what I bought it for.

Stuck my head out the door earlier and it’s not too bad out side at all – at least down under the hill by my door it’s not windy – 30 degrees and sunny – a marked improvement over yesterday.  I decided it was time to take down the icicle lights and pine garland over my door. 🙂  It didn’t take long but it was actually warm enough in my flannel shirt.  Not a bad morning’s work.



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  1. You have inspired me to dive in to my bedroom! Now the nosy question…
    the yarn for the sweater is that Wool-Ease? and which pattern are you thinking of using? I love the combination of colors.
    Those zip bags have so many uses…and I know people that just throw them away. 😦

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