I’m goin’ in!!

20140324_2  If you don’t hear from me again, look for me buried somewhere under the rubble in this room!!

Actually, most of it is a quick fix.  I was in there for about 15 minutes (before deciding I was hungry and needed a snack and soda) and the red tub and other tub on the floor are put back where they belong, the fabric on the floor behind the vacuum cleaner is all back on the shelves and all the stuff on the floor in front of the design wall is put away (and yes, that missing mystery quilt block was found on the floor and is back where it belongs.)  I need to clear a path along that design wall because I want to switch that fabric rack on the right with the short shelves behind that red tub (where my tv goes).  If I get those switched and the big tv out of my bedroom into the sewing room, that’s half the battle (well at least a third of the battle).  I’ve got my garbage bag in hand….. break over….I’m going back in……

One comment on “I’m goin’ in!!

  1. You are definitely on a roll. I wish I had half of your ambition!! I just mentally record I need to do something and that is far as I get.

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