Design Wall Monday

eaveborderRemember this quilt? – I was working on it – well a long time ago.  I still have a huge stack of these hand dyed fabric applique leaf blocks (and sadly this quilt still doesn’t have those two side sashings attached to it yet – it’s been hanging out on the design wall for months like this).

But at the time I was working on it, I got lots of requests for the pattern, the leaf pattern, the sashing instructions – heck you just wanted it all.  And hmmm… I didn’t give it to you (stubborn aren’t I) LOL  But many times that’s because there are plans for a particular design.  That is the case with this one.  Have you noticed the design on the button for my designs done for Hoffman CA Fabrics?  It looks suspiciously like a larger version of this design. 🙂  The pattern is not up on their website yet but should be coming soon.

Mystery quilt is also still up on the design wall and the other wall has BOM blocks for two projects.  Guess I need to tackle cleaning the sewing room next so maybe by the weekend I can get in there to sew! 😉

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  1. That explains why I couldn’t find it! I will watch for it. Not that I “need” another pattern…….

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