Being off work can be really exhausting!

It’s 10:00 p.m. and I decided to call it quits for tonight in the sewing room.  I’ll be glad to go back to work where I can mostly sit at my desk and work rather than toting things from one space to another (tho I may not recognize my desk when I go back since I was able to get lots of things done that had to be pushed aside for ages and I actually found the desk top and could see most of it when I left last Friday  – so I started my spring cleaning at the office last week).

20140324_3so here’s one clean area  – or at least much cleaner than it was.   I’ve been busy putting fabrics back on shelves and then refolding  and petting some of them that were in various baskets and piles.  In the bottom of some of those baskets I discovered projects I’d totally forgotten about which are nearly done but then got set aside to move on to something else…..yes “Squirrel syndrome!” LOL  But I’ve sorted and bundled together and rearranged and have this mystery pile of scraps – cut in squares and rectangles….. leftovers from a project or do I need them to finish something I haven’t found yet???  Hmm… I dumped them all in a box for the time being.  I also found the border for a quilt so think the quilt top must be in the closet.  Then there are the various applique pieces to the snow globe quilt – the first design I ever did for Hoffman CA Fabrics and was so excited that Keepsake Quilting had it kitted for sale in their catalog. ;-).  I’m thinking I need to really finish that wall hanging for this Christmas – it’s been lingering long enough!


And of course I did something dumb – moved the fabric shelf fully loaded even tho I knew the reviews of the wheels on them said they might break if you don’t unload it before moving.  Heck I was not going to do that, and had less than a foot to move it when I think I accidentally knocked the brake on for that wheel and  broke one of them.  Put a little castor under it  to level it off for now and one day when I feel like unloading it, or moving it, I may deal with that but for now it’s fine.

Still more to sort through but it looks so much better in there and I can see most of the floor and my table.  Tomorrow I’ll have to tackle the window blind — remember the one I accidentally had knocked down when the bottom of it was frozen to the inside of the window sill — yep it’s still sitting in the corner and I have the fabric up over the window but I need to see if I can fix it or if the blind is destined for the dumpster.  I think the dumpster may get it.  I think I’ll just take the fabric I currently have thrown over the tension rod in the window and make some tab topped curtains for that window.

I couldn’t even tell you how many loads I had in the washer and dryer today.  A load or two of sweaters I was washing up to pack away, and then several  loads that had a quilt in them – I have several  I made years ago that aren’t big enough for any bed that are the ones left in the living room for when it’s chilly watching tv  and one “fills in” the dent in the middle of my ottoman where the foam has given out.  I’ll be glad when I get a new ottoman that isn’t shaped like a hammock.  Anyway, several of those quilts got washed and put away.  Whew! I think I’ll go see if my great in the oven is done and go put my feet up and knit.  Yes, vacation can be tiring!

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  1. You’ve made great progress! Makes me want to do the same thing in my sewing room because it’s out of control again. I also suffer from squirrel syndrome. I found a 20 year old nut (UFO) buried in the bottom of a drawer last fall, finished it up and donated it. And it felt so good to do that. Now I need to finish up a couple more things.

  2. Your shelves with all the folded sorted fabric looks great. Don’t suppose you would want to take a month off work and come tackle my mess. A month might put a dent in it. My sewing room is shared with my husband, computer, 9 birds and 1-3 dogs at anyone time. I don’t even have the room to make the mess to clean up. lol

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