Knitting and Stitching Progress

Last night I finished the back on my sweater.


That tiny little ball of yarn by the right armhole is all that was left of the first hank of yarn.  No ends to weave in mid sweater which is also one of the reasons I like Wollmeise yarn – lots more yardage on a hank of it so fewer ends to bury at the end.  I was too lazy to go get the next hank and wind it at nearly midnight so switched gears.

20140323_4I pulled the second stocking hat block for A Knitter’s Gifts that  I needed to applique one hat on – the dark blue one – and that is now done and I just need to square the block up to size.  That BOM I’m caught up on now but I need to get some dog blocks made since I haven’t started the March blocks yet.  The blocks being uploaded to the Flickr group are just wonderful and there’s lots of Knitter’s Gifts and DPPAS blocks loaded — so much creativity in fabrics and embellishments.

And early this morning, while I was waiting snug and warm in bed, watching a movie and waiting for the coffee maker to finish – I picked up my sister’s top and knit a few more rows on that so I’ve done the initial armhole bind off stitches on the front now.


I decided this morning to put the bed back on the frame for the time being.  I have no plans to venture out today in search of more bed risers so put it all back together until after the new bed arrives so I can continue with my furniture moving.

The next task is to clear off this bookshelf – tho I haven’t quite decided where some of that stuff that’s on it will end up.  The quilts will stay stored on it and there’s some others to join  them but the rest is either knitting related stuff or giveaway stuff for the BOMS so you know it’s all going to end up on the table in the sewing room and be more stuff I’ll have to deal with when I clean that room – which is definitely going to be a shore since I’ve been moving extra stuff into that room to deal with later.

Fortification is needed – first some brunch/lunch, and I want to start a pot of French onion soup since I finally remembered to pick up some wine so I could make it, and then back to the taming of the dust bunnies.