Surrounded by Dust Bunnies

av  Quick break out the feather dusters and dust mops — I’m being surrounded by dust bunnies — and they are jackalope sized!!!

Well actually, I think I have subdued them into submission  – at least in the bedroom.  When was the last time I ran the little vacuum attachment around the edges of the baseboard where the dust bunnies all line up?   Not anytime I can remember in the recent past.

But it’s time for a soda break.  Good progress has been made – all the dresser drawers cleaned out.  I’ve started three bags – one for donation, one for trash and one for stuff I’ll pass by my mom and sister before donation if they don’t want them.  There’s a lot more room in the dresser for my hand knit socks now that I got rid of all the stuff I don’t wear or stuff that is too worn to wear and I’m living on the edge and washing up some of my most heavy winter sweaters to pack away.  They’re the ones I really only wear when it’s in the teens and below so I HOPE I’m safe packing them away at this point. And that overflowing drawer of scarfs (not the knit kind – the silky or polyester kind) – I love scarfs of all types and wear them a lot but they were mostly just smooshed in a drawer.  Found a container to fold them up in to keep some of the smaller ones tidy.  And we’ll see what happens when I decided to hand wash some of them  – if they survive or not.

Of course that cleaning now means there’s an extra wicker storage sort of sidetable sitting in the middle of the sewing room since I cleaned it all out (okay I dumped everything that was in it’s drawers into a reuseable grocery bag until I get time to sort it and put it where it belongs.  Most of it was stuff that goes in the sewing room anyway.  That wicker unit probably won’t go back in the bedroom so eventually I’ll find it a new home or get rid of it.   But I found where some of my favorite scissors were hiding – in that unit since it was last in my sewing room before it moved to the bedroom.

Enough of a break – couple more things I want to do before I stop for dinner.  Just need to pull the bed away from the wall and do the baseboard there and then decide if I’m moving the bed.  A good day’s work so far.



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  1. Don’t know about you , but I’m exhausted from all your work. Think I’ll just sew awhile. I’ve started the annual purge too, not fun.

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