It may not be pretty… but


This is probably the least pretty time of year in the woods outside my door but the beautiful thing about it – notice that hillside is mostly free of snow!    On this side of the fence – that’s not really snow -its nicely frozen hard ice.  There’s one section a little farther up where the ice has formed a waterfall over the side of the wooden retaining wall where it gets higher from the run off of the hill.  So it’s still a nightly refreezing of what melted during the day on the sidewalks making it a fun ice slick to cross each morning and a water hazard to wade through each night.  I’ll be so happy when that stops happening.   But as you can see – no sunshine here, cloudy and gray.  One of these days I really need to take down the icicle lights outside but it’s been too cold to do so.

So today with be spent dealing with other “unpretty” things if I ever get going since I slept in late and wasted several hours of my morning! 🙂  One of the “unpretty” things

20140322_2  Yeah – the sewing room has turned into a mess again.  But hey – notice how the tope bag and yarn on top seem to coordinate with the quilt on the wall?  LOL  Yes I play my messes carefully.  Hmmm wonder where on the floor that missing quilt block fell to.

Anyway despite the nonspring weather, I think a little spring cleaning is in order but it’s going to get worse before it gets better as all my major cleaning projects do.

I need to straighten up the living room first because I think the big bookcase that is in there will be moved to my bedroom.  Of course since the new bed arrives Tuesday, the bedroom needs cleaning and probably rearranging of the furniture before then to make sure the bookcase will fit where I want.

The bookcase right now mostly gets stacked with “stuff” that really doesn’t need to be there – knitting projects, papers, magazines, knickknacks — that all need other homes.  And it takes up a good bit of space and hampers the furniture rearranging in that room  -especially since the treadmill is in my living room now too.

With storage space in this apartment at a premium, I’ve come up with a plan for the shelving unit in the living room if I move it to the bedroom.

20140322_3This is where the sheets and bath towels currently are stored.  It’s in my closet and it takes up valuable closet space.  It’s not usually that untidy but I had pulled it out to see if it would fit in another spot I thought of and the sections all fell apart so I just shoved everything back.

Anyway, I have some of those square storage type fabric boxes and some wicker look ones so I think I may stack the sheets and towels in those and put them on the shelves of the bookcase and get them out of my closet.  Some of the bookcase shelves will also store the extra quilts waiting to be donated or sold so it will become my “linen closet” without the “closet” bit. Plus see what I might be able to pull out from under the bathroom sink to maybe make some room there for towels.

Yes, as I said, it’s going to get much worse before it gets better …. but not if I don’t get started soon.  But first some lunch to fortify me while I lay out my plan of attack.

One of the things I did find as I was putting some stuff away is this little Cheerios knitted/beaded necklace kit.  20140322_4 It was one of the Loopy Ewe’s rewards gifts – pattern, yarn needed and matching beads in the little mesh bag.  I’m not usually keen on knitted jewelry but I like the look of this one and the colors they sent me and beads would go really well with an outfit I have.  Will have to stick this one away to give a try some day when I feel like threading 250+ beads on the yarn – there’s three different types of beads but they all need to be threaded on first – sounds like a mindless watching a movie type thing.  Plus I think I need to do some needle shopping for that one so need to add it to my shopping list.

Let the cleaning begin……………


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  1. I love it!, when I am really busy quilting, knitting, etc. that is just what happens. Then I go on a mad rage to tidy up and I am too tired to finish. So sometimes it just has to be this way!!

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