as predicted….

it does get worse before it gets better — hopefully I don’t run out of steam  before everything gets back to its place tho! 🙂

20140322_5I ran into a glitch tho.  This is the way the bedroom looks tonight – note the box spring and mattress are not exactly sitting on the bed frame.

I was going to put the bed risers under the bed frame and when I bought them I never even though about the fact that I should have  bought two sets so not just the four corners but the centers of the frame would be supported as well.  (duh – insert forehead whacking motion here).  So I think tomorrow or Monday I may need to go see if I can find another set of them.  So in the meantime, the box spring and mattress will sit on the floor until Tuesday when the new furniture guys come to get them.  Everything except the nightstand has gotten cleaned out.  I decided the closets will wait until the weather actually gets warm enough to pack away some of the warmer clothes which will be at least another month.

So tomorrow I can make a new mess in the living room by emptying the wooden shelves I plan to move into the bedroom — to see if I really want to leave them in there.

Right now the mess has spread to the living room already –   The  chair outside my sewing room door had  been in the bedroom but I don’t think there will be room for it so it needs a new home.  It was a chair that was in my great grandmother’s kitchen.  The two totes are the ones that were under the bed with yarn in them – so they will go back there eventually. And on the left, totally blocking my use of the treadmill … goll darn it isn’t that disappointing! {smirk} is the quilt rack with a bunch of quilts which may or may not go back in the bedroom.  So yep – a nice mess spread through the house now all from cleaning one room.  Yes, cleaning is highly overrated.


But I think it’s time to call it quits to the cleaning for today other than I have a couple of loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away.

I think it’s knitting time after that.  I hope to get the back of my sweater finished tonight!


3 comments on “as predicted….

  1. Hmm This makes me wonder. I tried the black hard plastic bed risers, but didn’t have good luck with them. My husband sat down on the corner and the foot broke through the hard plastic riser. I didn’t put risers under the middle part. Maybe I should have. And maybe I should have put something under the bed foot (like a caster or something) after I took the wheels off to give it more surface area. I might try again. I’d sure like to put stuff under the bed.

    • If the risers were like the ones I have – they have a square recessed area so wheels probably could have stayed on – wouldn’t have been able to roll anywhere. But yes – I would think if you took the wheels off, you probably might need to try a caster underneath to prevent that popping thru. My frame legs are large round disks on the bottom (no wheels) so spread the support on a bit wider area.

  2. I have a select comfort bed and did the same thing. I bought two sets and needed THREE! there is actually a double outside set of legs. go figure.

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