On the Needles Friday, March 21

March 21 – it’s my sister’s birthday!  I need to get back to knitting on her top this weekend.  She’s busy traveling back from a spring break vacation with her family and my parents – they left the snow and cold and hit some warmer weather at the beach in Alabama.  Here – well it got to mid 40s so it was a veritable heat wave and while the sun was shining wasn’t bad at all but about 3:00 it turned cloudy and gray and damp again.

In the meantime I’ve been knitting on my sweater.  Here’s the back so far – the two longer lace panels have just ended with their little flower like design at the top and just the middle one will continue to grow a bit taller.  I need to do some figuring tho so I make sure I have room to end it before the neck edge bind off starts so need to see how many rows before than I need to start it.



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    • No secret – I have knitting friends who tell me I’m a fast knitter. I don’t know if that’s true or not – I just simply can’t stand to be sitting and not have something in my hands to work on – whether watching tv or riding the bus, I’m knitting. If I have nothing else going on – there’s a good five hours or more of knitting to be done in the evenings. Which also explains why my house is a cluttery mess at the moment – I’ve been busy knitting and not cleaning.

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