I’ve got nothing

nothing exciting has been happening here the past few days  – so I’ve got nothing to share but my progress on my Cardipalooza CF KAL/ TLE Wollmeise KAL sweater.

20140319_1It’s sort of laying there on the quilt a bit weirdly so you can’t really see the pattern clearly.  The row of lace next to the green marker – that one just got the little diamond top added that looks sort of like a flower bud on top of the vee shaped leaves.  There’s a matching one on the other side but you can’t tell the way the sweater is laying and the angle I took the picture at.  There are two shorter ones at the very bottom left and right edges  of the sweater. Anyway the center three “flowers” will continue to grow up the back with the center one being the “tallest” and the other two will be somewhat shorter than that one – just sort of winging it as I go along.  The color in the photo is actually pretty true to life for a change.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring — today we had more snow and cold winds.  I would say many bad words about that but I’ll just keep it to myself.  LOL  I did give myself a “spring break” even if it won’t feel like spring — a four day weekend next weekend.  I figured if I have to take off Tuesday for a furniture delivery, then why not just take off Monday too.  So at least something to look forward to – I’ve got a quilt I want to get layered and start quilting on but oh dang – sewing room cleaning must take place before I can go in there and have room to work on that project.  I don’t think I can procrastinate on the cleaning much longer.