One Stocking Hat block down

and one to go…

20140315_1  This one is finished and  trimmed up to size.   I’ve got one hat done on the other block and was just cutting out more pieces for that one.


Now I know you’ve all been  wondering since I said in the week hours of the morning that I’d be going box spring and mattress shopping if I really found one.   Yes indeed I did!   They had the one I had looked at one line – actually three of them I had looked at on line – so I bounced from one to another to test them out.  Sort of reminiscent of Goldilocks – this one was too soft,  this one was firmer but not firm enough but the other one was exactly what I wanted so I got a $1,500 set for about a third of the cost, which also included the delivery charges and the charge to haul away my old box spring and mattress o I’m done bed shopping for another 15 or 20 years. 🙂      Now I just have to wait until the 25th for it to be delivered.  I’d been thinking I need to take a day or two off work for a long weekend so I think  since it’s coming on a Tuesday, I just may have to take Monday off too for a nice 4 day weekend – then again I may need to add in the Friday before too. 🙂

Maybe now I’ll finally get around to putting the risers below the bed frame legs before the new set comes.  They’ve been sitting on my breakfast bar for 2 or 3 weeks and I haven’t gotten around to raising the bed yet since I think I need to remove the headboard before I do it.    The new set also is not as thick as the double pillowtop one I currently have so just maybe my quilt (yes singular “quilt” since so far I’ve only kept one bedsize quilt that I made for me and have given all the rest away)  will fit a bit better.  I’m going to have to get one of the other tops I’ve been saving for my bed quilted I think.

I did also fall in love with a chair while I was there.  It looks just like a big overstuffed chair  but  when I sat down it in — it glides back and forth ever so smoothly.  I may have to go back and look at that another day.

Okay – back to my hat block and then some knitting.

Oh, and when I was loading my stocking hat  block up to the Justquiltin Flickr group, I noticed this and thought it was rather funny.

Capture  It’s a snipped shot of the way the photos lined up in the Flickr album on my screen.  Momparde’s (a/k/a friend Janet P) sock blocks were lined up right above LillyCat777’s Dog Pound blocks and each  sock matches each dog.  Looks like they should all belong together in the same quilt if you’re just going by the fabric colors.   I bet those dogs would love a sock to chew up.  😉


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