Head To Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts Giveaway winner

I knew it – I leave for a few hours and speedy friend Janet P has already posted her finished photos of the Striped Cuff Socks quilt blocks to the Flickr group. LOL  I told you she’s speedy!

For the first giveaway for this project, I used the random letter generator (random numbers were getting so boring).  I decided that the first name  in the comments I came to with  whatever letter the random letter generator picked would be the winner.  (“Name” being however it shows up in the comment you posted on that page — so in some cases it’s a first name,  or an email alias name (like I show up as “justquiltin” rather than Denise) or a  first and last name, etc. – just using whatever shows up at the top of your comment.   So, the random letter generator picked this letter.

QQ – now I actually was the first comment with a Q in my name but I already awarded myself with one of the prizes. LOL  So the search continued wondering if I would find a name with a Q in it.

I was beginning to think I might have to generate a second random letter to use to pick the person to win…. THE NOTEBOOK in the photo (I’m saving the totes for later giveaways) 🙂  The Notebook has the image of From Head to Toe on it and it’s just a little ruled notebook that says “Crafty Ideas” on the front of it.  Great to keep quilting notes in, knitting notes or any other “crafty” notes or grocery lists (or lists of things to buy next time your at the quilt shop or yarn shop) 🙂


But lo and behold I came this comment


Congratulations KimQ in VA — you are the lucky winner!



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