Socks or Boots?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh at myself.  I decided that even though I don’t have last month’s blocks appliqued yet for  Head to Toe – A Knitter’ s Gifts, that I would cut out and quickly stitch up the March blocks since they are pieced and would be quick and easy to get done.

Well they were quick and easy to get done …except…instead of the little squares I cut for the heel and toe angles, I picked up some leftover scrap squares that were not the same size as the pieces I needed.  Of course I didn’t notice this until I was cleaning up the scraps and found my squares with the little lines drawn on the back.  Hmmmm…. why would  I have those sitting there……..

So I think I made boots instead of socks. 🙂  The heel and toe squares on these two blocks are a half-inch smaller than they should be so the heel doesn’t have quite as sharp an angle and the toes are more boxy.   They would be fine but you know that they will bug me since they are not “correct.”   So they will get used, but not in this project (unless I stick a row of  “boots” on the back of the quilt or make something else with them.  I always need potholders but I am way to messy to have potholders with this light-colored background.  Perhaps I’ll just make a second project with boots all over it.

20140314_120140314_2 And it may be a good thing I messed them up.  I think I need to finish the stocking caps first and decide which hat block will go where.  Then I can plan a bit better what colors to use in the other blocks so I end up with colors spread around the quilt nicely and not one corner of the quilt mainly one color family all clumped together.


Yes – I’m sure that was my plan all along 🙂


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