Happy National Quilting Day!

Ode to Spring - Komen Fundraiser

Ode to Spring – Komen Fundraiser



Will you be doing something quilty in honor of the day??   I think I will at some point but have a few things to do first – like breakfast out and shopping.

In honor of National Quilting Day I had to have a quilt in this blog post didn’t I?  This is still one of my favorite applique quilts I’ve made – Ode to Spring.  I designed it for a BOM on an online group and about the time I finished it, I bought a bed with pillow top mattresses top and bottom and the quilt was not wide enough for that bed.  So I decided to donate it.   Which reminds me that there is a second version of it, much larger in fallish colors, which contains a pillowtopper area on it so it should be nice and big.  Now that I have the new sewing machine it might actually have a hope of getting quilted!  I’m going to have to pull that one out – the scary thing is I know it has the year I was appliquing it in big letters appliqued on the bottom border — 2009 I think. LOL   Yes I think it needs to get finished soon.

If you are participating in From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts – the March block is now available for download.  And I think we need a giveaway for those who left a comment prior to midnight last night (Friday) – it is National Quilting Day so an excellent reason for a little fun.  So if you left a comment on Head to Toe, be sure to check back and see if you are the lucky winner .    The Flickr group photos are looking lonely as far as Head to Toe is concerned.  So far only friend Janet P (a/k/a “Speedy”)  has a photo of her February blocks posted.  Next drawing for Head to Toe will be chosen from the photos in the Flickr group for that project so be sure to add your photos.

There are lots of great Dog Pound Pal blocks loaded – they all just make me smile.  Dogs in “realistic” sort dog hair fabric, plaid dogs, flowered dogs, batik dogs — they are such fun to see!

Just have to print out an on line sales flyer and I’ll be ready to shop tomorrow.  I need to go bounce on a few beds.  My bed needs to be replaced – it is totally sunk in the middle where I usually sleep – I can’t stand it anymore  and it’s time for it to go.  There happens to be a great sale going on.  Once the bed is taken care of then it’s on to the living room furniture.



3 comments on “Happy National Quilting Day!

  1. Right now I have three quilt projects in various stages in my quilt room and two that I work on while watching tv. So every day is National Quilt Day to me!

  2. I remember that pattern! That one I didn’t make, though. I bet it got quite a bit for the foundation.

    • Yes that one did raise a good amount of money. I’ve actually met the woman who bought it several years later at another firm function. She made her husband redecorate the bedroom just so it would show off the colors in the quilt. Smart woman! 🙂

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