Loopy Ewe Spring Bag Challenge complete…

It took a day of sewing and quilting and trying to figure out what to do next  – stealing fabric I had bought from TLE for a different project to add to the bag –  but my Loopy Spring Challenge Bag is complete!  You can see what the challenge rules were here.  I see a few stray threads to trim but otherwise it’s ready for duty.

20140304_2Here’s the fabrics I ordered for the bag.  I didn’t have a plan when I ordered them so just ordered some random half yards and quarter yards — through a goofy thing I did, and making a larger bag than I thought I would — I needed more fabric.  But it had to be TLE fabric — luckily, I had prior to the challenge placed an order for fabric for a charity quilt I’m making for the Komen Fund.  I had no real plan for that either and just ordered some Moda solidy looking fabrics to go with a Moda Layer Cake I got for the fundraiser quilt.  I’ve got plenty of time to replace those fabrics before starting on that quilt. The Slate color and the Geranium were perfect with the fabrics I bought for the bag.

I loved the larger owl fabric and knew I didn’t want to really cut it up and I love that “winking owl” up in the left corner of the fabric photo.  So with a little help from Electric Quilt 7, I pulled up a prior owl block I had drawn (and used for the first Loopy fabric challenge) and gave him a new head and the pointy chest feathers.

Here’s my block drawn in EQ7,


and here is the front of my bag where “Winky” resides.

The edge around the bag front is a two fabric binding that you attach all as one piece to the back side, fold around to the front so both colors (gray print and yellow) show and then top stitch in place so it makes like a little loose flange of fabric of the gray.  I had the front flat done – now what!??  So I just worked on it section by section figuring out what to do as I went along.


Front of bag

Front of bag

My knitting project bags usually do double duty.  Since I don’t normally carry a regular purse (and I always have a knitting project with me to work on during my bus ride to and from work) I usually just use a tote bag for my project, toss my wallet in, perhaps lunch, and I’m set.  So although this bag turned out larger than I originally planned, it’s great for tossing in all the stuff I need.   Part of the problem with knitting on the bus is if I need to follow (refer) to a written pattern — where to prop it so I can read it.  I wanted to solve that problem and I think I did.  I knew I wanted to figure out how to put a sheet of clear plastic on the bag front under the flap so that I could leave the flap open and see the pattern behind the plastic sheet.  And then I remembered a little zippered pouch I had stashed away — you know, the kind that you get table linens or other things in.  I don’t remember what came in this but it was the perfect size.  It had a zipper at the top so I cut away the back of the plastic bag (to get rid of a hard plastic ridge that held the bag together, but left the zipper attached at the top.

Here’s the section where the plastic zippered portion will go – it will go over the red but I wanted to add some quilting there – only I will see it but I like it and if the plastic rips or something, I can always remove it and still have a pretty quilting design underneath (and I need much practice on quilting my feathers). 🙂 (and yes my first name is quilted at the top of the bag too – so don’t plan on coming to steal my bag!)

quiltingbefore plastic added

Added some more “flange type” fabric strips to make a “frame” for the plastic bag, and then slid the bag with zipper in place and stitched the “flange” edges down over it.  Whether the bag holds up for long – who knows – but for now it will be perfect.

Next photo is the plastic in place  – so I can just zip my pattern inside (or a supply of Loopy Tootsie Rolls)

There’s a few pockets on the inside – one to hold my little Loopy book that has the various Post-It notes inside – great for using to mark the line of a pattern I’m on.  I used one of the red ribbons my fabric was tied with when it arrived  to stitch into the side of the bag in a big loop.  My keys are on a clip that will let me just clip it on to the ribbon loop.  That way I don’t have to dig to the bottom for keys and I can just grab them to unlock the apt. door without detaching them.

I used another piece of the red ribbon and stitched down the middle of it a section of cloth tape measure — it’s an old tape measure that used to be my Grandmother’s so it is actually cloth, not plastic, but it no longer retracts into the little case it is in.  So I stitched it to the ribbon and then stitched the ribbon to the inside of the bag — if I need to have a quick measure of my knitting project – instant tape measure right at hand and a little keepsake still being put to use.

The whole bag is quilted with a thin batting added but then I also added the lining (unquilted) that is backed with Décor Bond so it gives the bag a nice thickness and holds its shape.

Thanks Sheri for the great challenge!

Inside bag - key loop on left, Loopy post it book on right, center pockket

Inside bag – key loop on left, Loopy post it book on right, center pockket

pattern holder

Inside bag 2 - tape measure on ribbon at upper left, and more pockets

Inside bag 2 – tape measure on ribbon at upper left, and more pockets

Back of Bag

Back of Bag

Bag bottom

Bag bottom