Who’s Knittin’ Bag

That’s what I’m going to call my Loopy Ewe Challenge Bag.    When I chose the fabrics I wanted for this challenge project, once I saw the owl print I was thinking I wanted to use my applique owl block design from the Too Tired to Give a Hoot  wall hanging  (which I did for the first Loopy Fabric Challenge)  as the flap of the bag. But today in looking at this fabric I decided I wanted to change my owl to look sort of like the red headed winking owl.  I think he’s so cute.

20140309_2 So I pulled up my file in EQ7 and made a few changes to my owl design.  It’s not an exact duplicate but close enough.


Here’s what  my owl on the front flap will look like – not in these colors – but the general look of it.  Where I’ll go from there, I haven’t totally decided yet but I’ll start with the flap.



2 comments on “Who’s Knittin’ Bag

  1. Great idea. That winking owl is the cutest thing.!! I was an owl “collector” of sorts in my college years, because I was a nite-owl. Still am! You are so talented to make a design like that in EQ7. I’m lucky if a straight line one comes out right. Looking forward to seeing your cute knitting bag finished.

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