Quilting coffee break

I’ve been busy quilting on my nephew’s quilt since mid morning and it’s time for a little break.    I’m on to the (maybe) final border.  I may need to go back and add a bit of quilting to the inner border but I’m working on the piano keys.

20140308_3I’m stitching around all the black keys and the line that connections them down to the bottom of the white keys.  Dang, there are a whole lot of keys in that border!


But I’ve made great progress.  The center is all quilted now so just need to finish the border – I’m about a third done I think.  But am so loving quilting on the new machine.


2 comments on “Quilting coffee break

  1. It is amazing that something like a great border takes so much time. The quilt would not be as attractive without it 😦 Good work.

  2. My granddaughter wants me to make her a t-shirt quilt. She was in the Alabama Children’s Choir since she was 7, and she is graduating from high school in May. So she has a lot of shirts from tours, etc, and she wants them in a quilt for college. I really like the border of piano keys that you have done. Did you applique the black keys? I think that would be wonderful border for my granddaughter’s quilt. I plan to raw edge applique some notes onto some of the t-shirts. Do you mind sharing how you did your border?

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