Long day of quilting

Finished!  It’s 6 p.m. and I just finished adding the binding to my nephew’s quilt.  It’s ready for some hand stitching to finish it off.  The green music print on the outside of the piano key board is the binding that just hasn’t been pinned around to the back yet.   Finally I will have some decent numbers to add to the fabric used tally.



Quilting coffee break

I’ve been busy quilting on my nephew’s quilt since mid morning and it’s time for a little break.    I’m on to the (maybe) final border.  I may need to go back and add a bit of quilting to the inner border but I’m working on the piano keys.

20140308_3I’m stitching around all the black keys and the line that connections them down to the bottom of the white keys.  Dang, there are a whole lot of keys in that border!


But I’ve made great progress.  The center is all quilted now so just need to finish the border – I’m about a third done I think.  But am so loving quilting on the new machine.