On the Needles – Friday, March 7, 2014

20140307_1 Tired of seeing this lacy thing?  More progress.  I’ve got just a dozen or so rows left to make the top vee inverted compared to the rest and then I’m on to the straight stockinette of the back.    Moving along nicely. I’m definitely going to use this lacy stitch pattern in something for myself.  I just love it and it’s so easy.  I keep saying that but it really is. 🙂

Yesterday’s post told of my two Wollmeise orders  (yeah, I know – Knit the Stash – not exactly working but (1) it was Wollmeise and (2) now that I know I can make sweaters that fit, I need sweater amounts of yarn! and (3) it was Wollmeise). excuse.  But I had a brainstorm in the middle of the night (my friends who have gotten messages from me know that if I’ve had a brainstorm it could be hazardous to them because it usually means I have a plan I want them to help me with — but in this case it was only hazardous to my checkbook). My thought was  that if I ordered a bit more of the Wollmeise Pure, I’d have enough for a sweater set.  I’m envisioning a simple color blocked cardigan with like the top quarter of the sweater and shoulders one color and the rest a different color, and then a little sleeveless shell (like a Twin Set) underneath that uses the same colors in various stripes on the top of it and plain on the bottom – but all using the same 3 or 4 colors to tie it all together.  Soooo it just so happened that there was still some of the main color I wanted for the sweater left so I ordered more and another color to coordinate with the other ones I had already ordered.   I will be in Box of Fun heaven next week! 🙂

This weekend I may actually get back to some quilting – the new machine has been sitting and waiting with my nephew’s quilt 1/4 done for the last week or more and I’d like to get all the quilting done on it this weekend.  And now that I have a comfy chair I’ll be all set.

Groceries are stocked and put away, I’m ignoring the clutter in my living room (can’t be cleaning on a Friday nite), and I think time to grab a soda, pop in a movie, and knit the night away.  Check out patchworktimes.com to see what’s on everyone else’s needles