Knitting, knitting, knitting


I started last night on a little cotton/bamboo top as a gift.  It’s got a lovely little lacy design on the bottom and despite the fact that I trudged through four or five inches of new snow this morning to the bus stop, I’m trying to think spring with this color yarn.

Gotta go … there’s knitting to be done.


9 comments on “Knitting, knitting, knitting

  1. What a yummy spring color and that lacy pattern. I keep thinking spring too – and we did get some melting started yesterday with more melting expected today. But we would be silly to think that winter is really gone from SD this early in March. It’s just a tease of nice weather! Hope you get a little winter thaw coming too.

  2. That’s a cute pattern. I just inventoried my yarn. Ugh. It was a big job, but now I can look at a pattern and then check my Excel sheet to see if I have yarn for it. Of course first, I have to finish one of the upteen million projects currently in the works. Ha Ha

    • Yarn inventory – now that sounds like a very ambitious job. The majority of my yarn is all single hanks of sock yarn so if I want to make something larger, I either have to combine them or…oh the horror… shop! 🙂

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