Loopy Bag Challenge


As with all things Loopy Ewe, they do it well.  The currently Loopy Fabric Challenge is a project bag.  My fabrics for my bag arrived.  Look at all those cute little ribbons — a Box of Fun is so fun to receive!

20140304_2  Hopefully I’ll get started on it later this week or over the weekend.

My “project bags” tend to do more than just carry projects.  I don’t carry a “real purse” — just usually grab my wallet and keys and they go in whatever tote/project bag I happen to be using at the time.  My plan is to combine different things I like from some of the various tote bags I’ve had over the years into my bag – we’ll see if I’m able to.  But in my package – various prints that will all play nice together in quarter yards and half yards, along with some Wonder Under and Décor Bond.  That large owl print is so adorable but it may end up on the inside of the bag …. we’ll see when I figure out my final plan.  And I just might have an idea to make sure of those red ribbons that came wrapped around my fabrics! 🙂

It’s not too late to join in – discount on fabrics ends later this week so don’t procrastinate.  Can anyone ever have too many totes??  Info on  Loopy’s Spring Bag Challenge.

(okay….. yes…. there MIGHT have been a wee bit of yarn in that package but I’ll show you it another day.  It’s for a birthday present for my favorite sister – and yes I really only have one sister so I’m really not playing favorites –  tho since her birthday is later this month, she will likely be getting a belated present unless I knit like the wind!.)