Snowy Sunday

Snow, cold, snow, even colder, snow, cold …. it’s a vicious circle around here with the weather.  One degree outside – heck at least it’s above zero I guess, and more snow outside, but not as much as was expected so that’s good.  It is getting monotonous tho.


On a “sunnier” (bad pun) note, I got lots of various stuff done yesterday.  First, my Weaver Dog Pound block is done except for the pressing and squaring up.

I think I will wait until I’m all done with the dogs to decide if I want to put buttons or beads or whatever other goodies I might find on them to decorate their collars.


I also got part of one of the “Head to Toe” stocking cap blocks done.  Still need to cut out the reverse image of a couple hats.


I got my new sewing chair put together yesterday, which was extremely easy, and it said on Amazon it was a big chair for tall people and they did not lie.  I feel like Edith Ann in her big chair. 🙂  I can put it so high my feet barely touch the ground which for a tall person is rare and its big seat is very comfortable on mine.

Look at it compared to my old chair which did not raise up near high enough.  No more chair cutting me off in the back of the legs because the seat isn’t long enough from front to back.  Love it.





4 comments on “Snowy Sunday

  1. A comfortable chair is so important! I started have foot problems and traced it back to only happening when I sat at the computer chair – it was cutting off circulation to my legs and feet. Changed out the chair and no more problems 🙂 Hope you are as happy with yours as I have been with mine.

  2. Your new chair looks similar in design to my new chair and I love mine. I’m short, so I needed a chair that would raise me high enough to be able to look down at my sewing machine and it works. It is not even as high as it can go. I love being able to rotate the chair to stand up, too. Hope you enjoy yours!

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