Lace Bowl

20140301_4 I was just unpacking a bag of the giveaway goodies I brought home and forgot I had put this in the same bag.  No this is NOT a giveway goodie but I think it is so neat.

My younger brother and his wife were visiting the Midwest last week and making the rounds of all the family here – both our side and her side (before heading back to what they were hoping would be a much warmer Atlanta than it probably is right now) — yes they were not liking the cold here.  But they took me out to lunch last week on their swing through Madison and brought me this great pottery bowl they had picked up in a nearby town with a great arts community.

What a lovely gift.  The person who makes these uses actual old bits of lace to press in to the bottom to create the design.  It’s actually a darker blueish tinted gray than the photo shows, along with burgundy and the outside is sort of a wash of the two colors.  I think it may go on the breakfast bar and be my new fruit bowl.

And, I have turned off the battling fans in the sewing room.  My sweater fronts and backs are dry and, fingers crossed, it looks like I just might have blocked them correctly.  When laying them out, and pinning them to all the proper measurements, there seemed to be a bit of excess fabric (like I should have pinned it longer or wider to totally flatten it out) but because of the nature of the yarn, I used, when it dried, it all sort of tightened up and all that excess has lain in nicely and a preliminary holding up of the pieces has me thinking it just might fit!  Now to get the sleeves soaking so I can block those today.

Now I really am going to find lunch.


7 comments on “Lace Bowl

  1. Hi Denise. I love the lace bowl. One of my friends made me two dishes with the lace imprint. They are totally white and are beautiful. I just love them and are very special to me.

    • Yes family is a great thing – and the fact that he’s connected to Burt’s Bees and brought me a new supply of lotion and lip balm was pretty darn nice too. 🙂

  2. The lace bowl is spectacular. That is such a clever technique. Keeping it on your breakfast bar where you can enjoy it every day is a great plan.

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