Brain Freeze, Burning Tongue, and the Giveaway

Yes – I’ll blame it on the cold weather.   Before I posted info on this Month’s DPPAS blocks, I looked because I thought I had sent an email to friend Janet P (a/k/a quilting speed demon a/k/a tester extraordinaire)  telling her what blocks were for this month.  Checked my email folder and didn’t find any so picked two blocks.  Aha – I was just fixing the link to last month’s information (which mysteriously disappeared from where I had it saved), and saw that I put the blocks for this month at the end of the February information download.    I have been stitching on my Weaver block and just have to add the ear and eye and square it up.

Oops….. well poor Toby got left out but we’ll catch up with him next month. 🙂  So Janet really wasn’t crazy THIS time (some days you just never know) and I was the crazy one. LOL  A bit of a brain freeze on my part.

As for the burning tongue — dinner — I went a bit crazy with the red pepper flakes.  I was making some shrimp that gets sauted in chili oil (which I don’t think has much of a kick to it) so I decided to add in some red pepper flakes, cooked them in the oil, and then it gets some orange zest and orange juice mixed in.  I don’t eat oranges but I like orange flavor in lots of stuff.  This was good but whew – too many pepper flakes – it definitely had a kick to it.


Now for the first DPPAS giveaway…. the random letter selection I used was for the first person in my list of participants whose first name starts with the letter randomly generated number ….

G    And that person is Geri DeBoer.  Congratulations Geri – the tote bag will be headed your way.  Please email me with your mailing address – ( I also sent you a private email).


3 comments on “Brain Freeze, Burning Tongue, and the Giveaway

  1. Those shrimp look delicious, do you have a recipe? I have food allergies and that sounds like something I could cook, love shrimp and always looking for something good and healthy.


    • No there is no recipe just stuff I put together. It’s just shrimp sauted in some chili oil with red pepper flakes. Zest of orange or part of orange all depends on how much you’re making, squeeze in juice from orange. When shrimp are done, take them out and then let the “sauce” reduce down until it’s thickened, dump shrimp back in for a quick stir and it’s done.

  2. Well that certainly was a surprise. It’s a good thing I was working on my dogs haha
    Than you., Denise I will use that to keep my dog parts rounded up in one place.
    I can’t wit to see my Dottie Dogs
    Geri DeBoer

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