Brain Freeze, Burning Tongue, and the Giveaway

Yes – I’ll blame it on the cold weather.   Before I posted info on this Month’s DPPAS blocks, I looked because I thought I had sent an email to friend Janet P (a/k/a quilting speed demon a/k/a tester extraordinaire)  telling her what blocks were for this month.  Checked my email folder and didn’t find any so picked two blocks.  Aha – I was just fixing the link to last month’s information (which mysteriously disappeared from where I had it saved), and saw that I put the blocks for this month at the end of the February information download.    I have been stitching on my Weaver block and just have to add the ear and eye and square it up.

Oops….. well poor Toby got left out but we’ll catch up with him next month. 🙂  So Janet really wasn’t crazy THIS time (some days you just never know) and I was the crazy one. LOL  A bit of a brain freeze on my part.

As for the burning tongue — dinner — I went a bit crazy with the red pepper flakes.  I was making some shrimp that gets sauted in chili oil (which I don’t think has much of a kick to it) so I decided to add in some red pepper flakes, cooked them in the oil, and then it gets some orange zest and orange juice mixed in.  I don’t eat oranges but I like orange flavor in lots of stuff.  This was good but whew – too many pepper flakes – it definitely had a kick to it.


Now for the first DPPAS giveaway…. the random letter selection I used was for the first person in my list of participants whose first name starts with the letter randomly generated number ….

G    And that person is Geri DeBoer.  Congratulations Geri – the tote bag will be headed your way.  Please email me with your mailing address – ( I also sent you a private email).


The other giveaway goodies

The giveaway goodies for the Head to Toe  – A Knitter’s Gifts project came along with the Dog Pound Pals goodies.

Here’s what arrived

20140301_6 A few tote bags – perfect for those knitting or crocheting project or other needlework and the Crafty Ideas notebook.  Just blank ruled paper inside.  A nice size for writing lists, project notes, new project ideas, etc.

I plan to leave mine in the drawer of the end table next to my chair where I knit.  I’m forever stealing needles from other works in progress that I need for a new needle and never making a note of it so later I start knitting with the wrong size needles.   So this will be my notebook where I keep track of things like that, changes I made to patterns, yarn I want to use for a specific project, etc…. just crafty ideas. 🙂


Also, since sale prices were extended I ordered a few more copies of the Dog Pound Pals Calendar.  They just turned out so cute – I can’t wait until next year so I can use one.






The delivery man just brought my new sewing chair – it was the same man who delivered my sewing machine – I promised him I had not ordered anything else – heavy or big or otherwise for him to deliver in the snow and cold.  He just laughed.  So now to let it warm up to room temp a bit so I can put it together and try it out.

In the meantime, the sweater sleeves are blocking and I’m going to work on one of the Dog Pound blocks – just have to go find a good movie to keep me entertained.

Lastly if you are a DPPAS member – please check the list below.  Today’s drawing will be done using a random letter generator (like first person in the list whose first name begins with B or third person in list whose last name begins with M – that sort of thing)  and some of you did not actually provide me with your names or not both first and last names.  Some I could figure out (I think) from email addresses but some I just listed part of an email address to identify a person or just a first name.  If you don’t want to give me your name, that’s fine and drawings will be just based on the information I have, but if you want me to change this list, email me and I’ll get it updated.



Lace Bowl

20140301_4 I was just unpacking a bag of the giveaway goodies I brought home and forgot I had put this in the same bag.  No this is NOT a giveway goodie but I think it is so neat.

My younger brother and his wife were visiting the Midwest last week and making the rounds of all the family here – both our side and her side (before heading back to what they were hoping would be a much warmer Atlanta than it probably is right now) — yes they were not liking the cold here.  But they took me out to lunch last week on their swing through Madison and brought me this great pottery bowl they had picked up in a nearby town with a great arts community.

What a lovely gift.  The person who makes these uses actual old bits of lace to press in to the bottom to create the design.  It’s actually a darker blueish tinted gray than the photo shows, along with burgundy and the outside is sort of a wash of the two colors.  I think it may go on the breakfast bar and be my new fruit bowl.

And, I have turned off the battling fans in the sewing room.  My sweater fronts and backs are dry and, fingers crossed, it looks like I just might have blocked them correctly.  When laying them out, and pinning them to all the proper measurements, there seemed to be a bit of excess fabric (like I should have pinned it longer or wider to totally flatten it out) but because of the nature of the yarn, I used, when it dried, it all sort of tightened up and all that excess has lain in nicely and a preliminary holding up of the pieces has me thinking it just might fit!  Now to get the sleeves soaking so I can block those today.

Now I really am going to find lunch.

DPPAS – March blocks

Good morning Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society quilters.  I posted last night which blocks we will be making for March.

Cricket and Huckleberry.  So check out the project page for the info.    Lots of great photos have been added to the Flickr group.  Please add photos for just the currently months blocks we are working on (or past blocks you are catching up on – I still haven’t gotten Weaver done yet!) If you are working ahead, wait to load those blocks until we get to that particular month.  This will sort of keep each month together and make it easier when I’m doing drawings based on images loaded to Flickr.      And speaking of drawings,   I’ll be doing the first giveaway later today but this one is not based on who has uploaded photos – I’ll be randomly drawing for this giveaway so you don’t have to do anything to enter this one – I’m using my final  list of participants to do the random selection.





Now I can hear all the DPPAS quilters thinking…what will the drawing before????? 🙂

Well I finally got all my goodies in for giveaways for this project and the Head to Toe project — Vista Prints extended their sale and gave me a deal on some additional items so I ordered a few more. 🙂

This first giveaway will be for  a DPPAS totebag.

20140301_2This is on one side of the tote bag, and the second image is on the reverse side.

I think they turned out really cute.  So check back later today to see if you have won!

I think I need to find some time to applique this evening to get Weaver done and then start pulling fabrics for this months blocks to get them ready.

More coffee, I missed breakfast totally so need to find some lunch, and then to get busy.

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