Battling Fans

20140228_1 My sewing room is currently hosting the battle of the fans.  The little white whimpy one on the upper left that chirps like a cricket so I may not be able to leave that on  and sleep tonight — and the super powerful quiet black one on the lower right.

Hmmm..  will it be dry by morning?  We shall see and then I can get the sleeves laid out to block while I start sewing this together.

On the Needles – Friday February 28


Well I couldn’t resist – I finally found a yarn that would give me the correct gauge for the KAL sweater, Tressage, and since I had the ball wound and the needles in my hands, I decided to cast on a few days early.  This is my progress so far.  It looks a bit crazy with all those different stitch markers hanging on it. LOL  I really like the sort pinky coral color and the cables are looking good.  Now I just need to repeat what I have done so far four more times or so.

On the bus I’ve been working on these socks.


Second sock is coming along and if I wouldn’t have knit about 2 inches totally forgetting to add in one of the pattern rows, I’d be a lot farther but there was some ripping out involved to get back to where I started that craziness.

This weekend I’m hoping to get all the pieces to My Shore Ledges sweater blocked so I can start sewing them together.  As a matter of fact, I just might do that after I find some supper — at least block the front and back and turn the fan on it to start drying since I don’t think I have enough blocking board space to do the sleeves at the same time.

I hope to get some quality quilting time in tomorrow with my new sewing machine and my new sewing chair will arrive tomorrow too — made for tall people — so I’m really looking forward to that.

Check out all the other knitting on the needles at Judy’s

And check out this sweater pattern  Netherwood.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and it didn’t hurt that it’s in one of my favorite greeny shades.  Yes, I know I said I don’t like doing cables  but I will do them if it’s something I really like.  I think I convinced Judy that she liked it too. 🙂  I have a few things to get done – some spring/summer type stuff – before I think about making this one.  I’m trying to think spring really hard, but the ten below temp this morning is making it very hard!!! 😦