Quilting Stashbusting Report

Yeah – finally a fabric stashbusting report  (I only did one previous one this year that had me all at zeros – nothing used, nothing added – just no dang sewing was going on – or not any sewing finished to the step where I add tally the total amount used).  I hope to remedy that  and am off to a start finally – even if a small start.

Fabric purchased YTD:  2.5 yds   Fabric used YTD: 3.5   Net busted:  1.0      (yes I’m not starting off in the red, says the gal who has fabric arriving next week!)

20140222_12 I finished Too Tired To Give A Hoot earlier this week (my Loopy Challenge project) and today I pulled a little wallhanging off my design wall to test out my new sewing machine.  It is now quilted, binding added and binding just needs to be hand  stitched down.

Now this is the first thing I quilted on the new machine so don’t look too closely.  I was figuring out how things work, if I look at this part of a foot will it line up here or there – and sometimes I just was looking at other stuff on the machine while quilting along – like not paying attention how close I was making some of the feathers to the outer edge of the quilt so when I added the binding I chopped some off.  LOL

Once I get use to the fact that the free motion foot doesn’t hop up and down, I’ll be ready to really roll along — oh yes, it has way more speed than any other machine I’ve had. 🙂

20140223_2 20140223_3 20140223_4 The cupcake and sprinkles mini will, I think,  go to the office and in our corner of the office – it will hang on a birthday person’s cubicle wall the week of their birthday and get moved around.

The funniest thing – after I quilted my name in on the bottom of it I realized I had left the “i” out of my name so it said “Dense”.  Hmmmm…. had to sneak back in here and fix that.  The problem was for some reason when I machine quilt my name I put two “humps” on the “n” but when I actually write it I don’t, so that threw me off (or I was just looking at one of the other buttons on the machine and not paying attention again). 🙂


5 comments on “Quilting Stashbusting Report

  1. Glad to see you quilt your name on the bottom of a quilt, too. I’ve been doing that, too. So if you ever come across a quilt with Birdie written on the bottom, you will know where it came from. LOL!

    • I hate to label quilts and in the case of many charity quilts – they can’t be labeled – so usually my first name is quilted in it somewhere and my family members know when they get a quilt to look for my name or other messages I have quilted into the quilts. 🙂

  2. The owl quilt is wonderful! The cupcake wall hanging is also very cute. I am glad the new machine is working well for you.

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