Must I go to work tomorrow?

Can’t I stay home and play with the sewing machine?  🙂  Ok – I’ll go to work but I think I may need to plan more vacation time soon.

This quilt is now on the machine (this particular photo is before the borders were completed).  quilt My nephew’s graduation quilt.  He just might get it now before the end of his first year of college since he didn’t get it when he started the school year but he’s been patiently waiting.  It will just get some meandering on it and probably some straight line quilting on the piano key fabric borders.  Nothing fancy since it’s headed to a dorm room or college apartment anyway to be used and abused.

I’ve got a quarter of it quilted but since I’m working on a table higher than my normal sewing table (because no one cleaned my sewing table off) I’ve forced myself to stop so that my arms and shoulders will actually move tomorrow.  So enough playing with the machine for one day.  Time to get to a bit of sleeve knitting and fold the last load of laundry.