All warmed up and ready to go

20140222_9  It’s out of the box and spent the night coming back to room temperature after it’s travels in the cold truck.  I however am not warmed up – who turned down the heat so far last night??? LOL   Our one day brush with warmer weather earlier this week (low 40s) has gone and we’re back in the teens and  the wind is just crazy.

If you haven’t already, check out the DPPAS February dog blocks the participants have posted so far.  And friend Janet P is speedy – she’s got her Head to Toe February blocks already done and posted. 🙂

If you are posting photos to the Flickr groups, please don’t post them ahead of time — I want to try to keep all the February blocks sort of together, then March blocks etc. so please don’t load them until the next month’s project has started.  If you have already loaded future blocks you worked ahead on, I accidentally approved them and so had to delete them from the group so when the time comes that the group as a whole are working on that particular months’ blocks, you’ll need to re-upload.  And keeping each month sort of together (for those who are keeping current and posting photos each month) will make it much easier for me to do the giveaway drawings.  Thanks!

I’m still plodding along on my sweater sleeves but the end of the sleeve cap is getting nearer!

Breakfast is calling for me to go make it (asparagus and mushroom omelet for brunch I think).  And I need to go toss the muffins I made yesterday out to see if the birds want them.  A friend was cleaning out her book collection (she has soo many books) and brought me an old  Weight Watcher’s cookbook she had.  I was thumbing through it Friday night and decided to try the WW’s plain muffin recipe.  I love muffins.  I made the plain muffins and tossed in some yummy wild blueberries.  Well talk about a waste of blueberries! LOL  Seriously, a dozen muffins that only have 4 tsp of sugar and 4 tsps. of melted butter in them — you know they are going to be blah.  🙂  They had a muffin texture – they just had absolutely no flavor and I like my muffins where the muffin pan browns them and makes the bottom a little crispy — well the bottoms sort of did that from the nonstick spray I used but the tops didn’t brown in the slightest.  I’ll just make my raisin bran muffins and see if I can’t knock a point or two off those by reworking the recipe.  Ohh … plain muffins so bad! ::-)   But…. 48 lbs lost as of today!

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  1. That is an awesome looking machine. I read up on it and it sounds wonderful. Have fun. And……congratulations on your weight loss! I have started my own journey to healthier eating. Not easy! Pat yourself on the back for your patience and tenacity.

  2. Love your new sewing machine. Wow! 48 pounds! That’s quite an accomplishment. I’ve been drinking Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (1 tsp in water) every morning and I think it’s making a difference.

  3. Oh Denise enjoy your new member! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. It’s speedy! When I got one (similar- Viking grand quilter) it was a bit to learn regarding speed ;).

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss. Mind if I ask how long it took. I started my journey after Christmas and it really seems slow.

    • It’s supposed to go slow 🙂 and so many things affect how quickly weight is actually lost so comparing your progress to mine just in terms of how long it’s been is a bad way to look at it. So much else factors in – type of healthy eating program you’re doing, plus age, height, weight, activity level, etc. all play a big part. But slow and steady is the way to go.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. How impressive. I started my journey mid Jan and it’s going very slowly but I feel better. What will you do to celebrate when you hit the big 50? Yarn perhaps? 🙂

    • Probably nothing since let’s see, I just bought a new sewing machine, a new knitting needle set, and there currently is an order of fabric AND yarn coming from the Loopy Ewe next week. I think I’m covered. 🙂 Oh yeah – and I plan to go furniture shopping in the not too distant future.

  6. Your new machine is a beauty. I’m so happy for your lost pounds and impressed. I’d imagine that pretty soon you would be shopping for new clothes with all the pounds you are shedding. Just in time for Spring and Summer. Yipee

    • Ugh – I hate shopping for clothes so that would never be anything I would look forward to. It just means perhaps I can fit into more of the spring and summer clothes that are packed away. 🙂

  7. awesome looking machine! On your WW—when you eat the good stuff, just take it off your extra points for the week. That’s what I did–I will not compromise on certain things either.

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