Must I go to work tomorrow?

Can’t I stay home and play with the sewing machine?  🙂  Ok – I’ll go to work but I think I may need to plan more vacation time soon.

This quilt is now on the machine (this particular photo is before the borders were completed).  quilt My nephew’s graduation quilt.  He just might get it now before the end of his first year of college since he didn’t get it when he started the school year but he’s been patiently waiting.  It will just get some meandering on it and probably some straight line quilting on the piano key fabric borders.  Nothing fancy since it’s headed to a dorm room or college apartment anyway to be used and abused.

I’ve got a quarter of it quilted but since I’m working on a table higher than my normal sewing table (because no one cleaned my sewing table off) I’ve forced myself to stop so that my arms and shoulders will actually move tomorrow.  So enough playing with the machine for one day.  Time to get to a bit of sleeve knitting and fold the last load of laundry.

Quilting Stashbusting Report

Yeah – finally a fabric stashbusting report  (I only did one previous one this year that had me all at zeros – nothing used, nothing added – just no dang sewing was going on – or not any sewing finished to the step where I add tally the total amount used).  I hope to remedy that  and am off to a start finally – even if a small start.

Fabric purchased YTD:  2.5 yds   Fabric used YTD: 3.5   Net busted:  1.0      (yes I’m not starting off in the red, says the gal who has fabric arriving next week!)

20140222_12 I finished Too Tired To Give A Hoot earlier this week (my Loopy Challenge project) and today I pulled a little wallhanging off my design wall to test out my new sewing machine.  It is now quilted, binding added and binding just needs to be hand  stitched down.

Now this is the first thing I quilted on the new machine so don’t look too closely.  I was figuring out how things work, if I look at this part of a foot will it line up here or there – and sometimes I just was looking at other stuff on the machine while quilting along – like not paying attention how close I was making some of the feathers to the outer edge of the quilt so when I added the binding I chopped some off.  LOL

Once I get use to the fact that the free motion foot doesn’t hop up and down, I’ll be ready to really roll along — oh yes, it has way more speed than any other machine I’ve had. 🙂

20140223_2 20140223_3 20140223_4 The cupcake and sprinkles mini will, I think,  go to the office and in our corner of the office – it will hang on a birthday person’s cubicle wall the week of their birthday and get moved around.

The funniest thing – after I quilted my name in on the bottom of it I realized I had left the “i” out of my name so it said “Dense”.  Hmmmm…. had to sneak back in here and fix that.  The problem was for some reason when I machine quilt my name I put two “humps” on the “n” but when I actually write it I don’t, so that threw me off (or I was just looking at one of the other buttons on the machine and not paying attention again). 🙂


Lunch break

Well I’m having great fun with the new sewing machine.  Biggest adjustment will be that the free motion quilting foot does not “hop” like the one on my other machine did – it just sort of glides across the top of the quilt.    It’s not a bad thing – I just need to readjust my quilting rhythm since the sound my machine made as the foot was hopping along — all that helped adjust my speed to get in  my quilting grove so needle speed and hand speed all played along together– so I just need to get used to a new hum of the machine to get back in my grove.  It makes a fantastically balanced free motion stitch – I nearly have a little wallhanging I layered to test quilt on.

The two things that will take the most getting used to — the handle on the bobbin case that you hold on to put it in and out, that’s backwards compared to my other machines and the needle threads from the left to right  – my Janome, front to back and the featherweight right to left so this is totally wrong. LOL  But since it has the automatic needle threader, I won’t have to think so hard. LOL

And what’s for lunch?

lunch Chicken salad which was a WW’s recipe.  It has carrots, grapes, celery.  I altered the recipe to leave out the things I don’t like — for instance I don’t like fresh ginger in things other than hot stir fry dishes.

One thing I have learned – I hate, yes hate, fat free mayonnaise in any way shape form or brand and I do not care for greek yogurt.

This recipe had the “dressing” made from fat free mayonnaise and plain greek yogurt.  I decided I would use those actual ingredients even tho I am a loyal Miracle Whip girl — yes and not fat free Miracle Whip either.  But I bought them – I mixed them up – I will eat the rest of the chicken salad I made (rather than thowing it out since it’s not THAT bad) but I will be throwing out the fat free mayo.  ICK ick ick.

Then as I was comparing points of mayo versus fat free mayo versus Miracle Whip and fat free Miracle whip — I’m totally willing to keep eating my Miracle Whip.   The two things I won’t compromise on — Miracle Whip and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. 😉  Anyway, I’d make this again but just use Miracle Whip and maybe a little fat free sour cream (that I do like in the fat free form).  I didn’t have any walnuts the recipe called for (need to add those to the grocery list) and I would probably add some raisins when I make it again because I love raisins in chicken salad.  But those strawberries – I don’t know where they were shipped in from by they are delicious.

My lunch break is over – I was eating as I was typing this – and I just have one row of feathers and then I can show you my first quilted item on the new machine.

Oh and someone asked about the quilt in the background of the photo of the sewing machine.

20140223_1  It was this one.  It had just gotten  pulled from  my “finished extras” pile.  It had been quilted for a while but I wanted to wash it and dry it so it got the “puckered” comfy look. It’s going to an event where a women’s legal group auctions baskets containing various items as  fundraiser for the local domestic abuse shelter.  This quilt will go in a basket along with some home-made candles a coworker makes – she said she has some teacup candles so can’t wait to see those.

All warmed up and ready to go

20140222_9  It’s out of the box and spent the night coming back to room temperature after it’s travels in the cold truck.  I however am not warmed up – who turned down the heat so far last night??? LOL   Our one day brush with warmer weather earlier this week (low 40s) has gone and we’re back in the teens and  the wind is just crazy.

If you haven’t already, check out the DPPAS February dog blocks the participants have posted so far.  And friend Janet P is speedy – she’s got her Head to Toe February blocks already done and posted. 🙂

If you are posting photos to the Flickr groups, please don’t post them ahead of time — I want to try to keep all the February blocks sort of together, then March blocks etc. so please don’t load them until the next month’s project has started.  If you have already loaded future blocks you worked ahead on, I accidentally approved them and so had to delete them from the group so when the time comes that the group as a whole are working on that particular months’ blocks, you’ll need to re-upload.  And keeping each month sort of together (for those who are keeping current and posting photos each month) will make it much easier for me to do the giveaway drawings.  Thanks!

I’m still plodding along on my sweater sleeves but the end of the sleeve cap is getting nearer!

Breakfast is calling for me to go make it (asparagus and mushroom omelet for brunch I think).  And I need to go toss the muffins I made yesterday out to see if the birds want them.  A friend was cleaning out her book collection (she has soo many books) and brought me an old  Weight Watcher’s cookbook she had.  I was thumbing through it Friday night and decided to try the WW’s plain muffin recipe.  I love muffins.  I made the plain muffins and tossed in some yummy wild blueberries.  Well talk about a waste of blueberries! LOL  Seriously, a dozen muffins that only have 4 tsp of sugar and 4 tsps. of melted butter in them — you know they are going to be blah.  🙂  They had a muffin texture – they just had absolutely no flavor and I like my muffins where the muffin pan browns them and makes the bottom a little crispy — well the bottoms sort of did that from the nonstick spray I used but the tops didn’t brown in the slightest.  I’ll just make my raisin bran muffins and see if I can’t knock a point or two off those by reworking the recipe.  Ohh … plain muffins so bad! ::-)   But…. 48 lbs lost as of today!