The things you find while out to lunch

well “out to lunch” could be interpreted many ways and those of you who know me personally — you do not need to comment on how “out to lunch” you think I am or some  past incidents have proven! ROFLOL  But I had lunch with a friend today (which only perpetuated my week of know really knowing what day it is because I normally have breakfast or lunch with her on the weekend).  It is only Friday.. must keep repeating that to myself since all day Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday – how depressing! 🙂

Anyway, while out to lunch, we stopped at Wisconsin Craft Market which has greatly expanded the yarn they carry and carry more brands that I like (3 Irish Girls – and today I found Zauberball there which I haven’t seen before!).  Anyway I left the 3 Irish Girls and Zauberball there (only because they did not have enough of the 3 Irish girls in the color I wanted) BUT…..

this did come home with me to as a replacement for the yarn I can’t get gauge on.

20140221_2  Berroco Lustra. The luster of this yarn is so pretty – especially with that dark color.  I need to get swatching.

Have I cleaned the sewing room?  No.  Did I start the laundry I planned to do today – nope but I didn’t realize I was out of detergent and I have remedied that situation.  I pretty much didn’t do anything but fold a load of towels and go out to lunch. Oh I got groceries and put them away and I’ve been planning dinner.  Don’t want to do anything too taxing on a day off.  I picked up some Chili Oil to try with a shrimp stir fry of sorts but couldn’t get the same brand I used to buy so will have to see if this one has any kick to it.  The shrimp will be very healthy after my not healthy Reuben Melt and some fries at Perkins – YIKES talk about wasting a whole bunch of WW points — it was good but I don’t know that it was THAT good. LOL

Time to wind some yarn and see if my shrimp have thawed.  I need to finish my owl quilt tonight – sewed most of the binding down last night but have a few finishing touches to add, and I’ve got an applique block I need to get finished to mail next week.   The sewing room cleaning …. that sounds like a Saturday task to me!