On the Needles – Friday 2/21/14

20140221_6  Sleeves are on the needles –still… But I have finally started the arm cap decreases so the end is in sight although it’s a bit debatable if these will be the right length or not but time will tell.  I’m getting anxious to be able to block all the pieces and start sewing together to see how it is turning out.


I also started on the KAL sweater even tho the KAL hasn’t actually started yet.  But what’s on those needles so far may get ripped back.  I did two different gauge swatches and neither one comes up to what the pattern says it should be.  I went up a needle size, which is very strange since I knit loosely, and still was getting more stitches per inch than called for.  I was going to go for it anyway since it’s a top down sweater so you can try on and adjust as you go, but I’m just not liking the looseness/openness of the yarn fabric knit on the larger needles.  I do just love the color of that yarn and with the smaller needles knits a really nice feeling fabric so I’m thinking I may save this for a Customfit sweater where I don’t have to worry about gauge and find something else to use for the KAL.


And the final photo – when I ordered the Blood Orange yarn for the KAL sweater, when I was placing that order I had added and removed and added back in and removed a hank of sock yarn, Loopy Ewe’s February Celebrations — I just loved all the various colors in it but I told myself I did not need to buy another hank of yarn for socks.  I thought I had decided against it and was pleasantly surprised that I must have decided at the last minute oh what the heck just get it!  Cause there it was in my package. Aren’t the colors in it gorgeous?  Off to do a bit of cleaning after I check out what everyone else has on the needles at Patchworktimes.com.

20140221_720140221_4 20140221_1

9 comments on “On the Needles – Friday 2/21/14

  1. You know we love you dear, but that knitting from the stash thing…. not really working for you right now ; )
    But I think maybe you are using all your restraint on your WW since that has gone so great.

  2. Have you considered the fact that perhaps normally I would have ordered way more yarn by this point in the year so I actually AM using restraint on only buying what I have so far. 🙂

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