New Toys

Can you believe it – none of my new toys are sewing or knitting related — well at least not today’s toys.

20140219_1 20140219_2 20140219_3

The new grapefruit  spoons and grapefruit knife arrived, along with the new nonstick grill pan, and lastly the collapsible produce keeper.

I like that the produce keeper can be used “collapsed” so it doesn’t hold as much, or it can be opened up to hold more.  It has a vent to let air flow for certain produce, and a water reservoir in the bottom you fill with a small amount of water, open or close the vent depending on what you have in it, and it’s supposed to create the perfect environment for that particular veggie to help them keep fresh longer.  Now I just have to stick the Guide up on the fridge so I can tell which veggies I add water in the reservoir to and how to vent it.  Mostly I bought it to see how well it will keep lettuce.

I also got my Weightwatchers pilates kit and the Time Crunch Training DVD/toning bands but those are not nearly as exciting as my grapefruit spoons are they?! LOL


And it was a heat wave today!  I walked out this morning without needing three scarfs wrapped around me – the sun was shining (yes the sun is out at 7 a.m. now and still light when I get home) and birds were singing.  It was in the low 40s and even this evening it’s still 38 degrees.  What a lovely change from the last two months or more.  Course tomorrow it’s supposed to be freezing rain but I can hope it will miss us, can’t I?  I really do not want to have to skate my way to the bus stop.


But time to get back to my yarn swatching.  My first sweater swatch isn’t at gauge so I switched needles and nearly have the second swatch ready to soak it and let it dry and keep my fingers crossed that this one is good.