What fun!

Yes, a Box of Fun!   Yarn for the Tressage KAL arrived today – Cascade Heritage Silk in Blood Orange.   I had to wind yarn tonight since I’m nearing the end of the two balls of yarn I’ve been knitting my Shore Ledges sleeves with so got more of that ready and also wound one ball of the Blood Orange as well.  I hope the other hanks are not put together as badly as this one was – there was much stopping while winding because one section was weirdly tangled.  Not a lot of fun having to fit the ball winder in and around various strands to straighten it out.

20140218_1 I still need to add this into the Knit the Stash tally of yarn  in but I have to go see how much I really bought.  I know I ordered more than the pattern called for because I always need to length the body and sleeves on sweaters and didn’t want to run short so I got plenty.  But there was none in the stash that would work so I simply had to buy this lovely red.  Plus I earned some Loopy bonus goodies and a gift certificate which I’ll be saving until my Loopy Legends yarn comes in.

My excitement for tomorrow (well I originally thought it was excitement for today but mistakenly thought it was Wednesday for more than half the day!) is tomorrow another fun box (not a Box of Fun).  Grapefruit spoons – it was too funny that Judy was looking for grapefruit spoons not long ago.  When she posted about it, I had just placed an order on line for some spoons for me.  And bonus, I found a grapefruit knife too — no more having to fix my grapefruit with a slightly bent out of shape (I bent it myself) steak knife.  And since the shop was having their winter sale – a new square grill pan and a produce keeper — yes I lead an exciting life when grapefruit spoons make me so happy. LOL  But heck – two of them have yellow handles and two have green! 😉

Oh and another thing that makes me happy —  Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins — yes, I’m eating some right now which is why I thought of it.  I hadn’t seen them until my last trip to the grocery store.  I love Wheat Thins – heck I love crackers of nearly every kind but most crackers are not Weightwatchers friendly.  Wheat Thins aren’t bad tho and so I grabbed a box.  My tuna salad, scooped up with sun-dried tomato & basil Wheat Thins — my new favorite thing when I don’t really feel like cooking (because I have yarn swatching and sleeve knitting to do tonight and better get busy).

You are now being returned to your regular programming — but seriously, they are good crackers.

Oh and on a “so that’s what that is for” note – when I was vacuuming the other day I came across a little screw and a washer on my living room floor.  Looked around trying to figure out where it had come from.  The ironing board was close by but it wasn’t from that.  And there just wasn’t much else I could think of where it might have come from and wasn’t sure if maybe I hadn’t kicked it from one room to another and never noticed or it got caught in the tread of a shoe.  Anyway, I put it on the side counter and forgot about it until….. I was standing and winding yarn – standing where I usually do next to the yarn swift which was in the vicinity of where I found the screw.  So when I finished I inspected the ball winder and YES – it belonged in the bottom of it and had worked its way loose.  Mystery solved!


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    • I don’t usually wear a lot of red so I was looking for something different than my usual greens and browns and golds – this color said it needed to come to my house.

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