Stocking caps

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the goofy things I do.  I cut out the pattern pieces for one of the stocking cap blocks for From Head to Toe – pick the fabrics or one block, started to pin the main hat sections down and duh — I forgot to reverse the hats properly – didn’t even think about the fact that one of them is the reverse of the others.   Easily fixed tho since I didn’t want to waste the three pieces I cut out — one block will have the hats spinning one way and the other will be reversed.

20140216_1 So I pulled out my “snowy” batik background and pulled out the layer cake of bright batiks Hoffman Fabrics had sent me.    Here’s one hat – I cut an extra little curve or two in one section of my hat to make it a bit different and I made the pom pom just a bit smaller to take advantage of a batik with circular designs printed on it.

Here’s the other block  pinned so far.

20140216_5I also got my remaining February DPPAS block cut out so I can put all the fabrics I pulled out away and get rid of that mess do the rest of my cleaning and then I can gather the threads I need to applique these and get started.


3 comments on “Stocking caps

  1. I like how you solved your problems. That’s the kind of thing I do, too! Your fabrics and background are great!

  2. Don’t feel bad, I’m sure we all have those moments, I know I do. Your fabrics are beautiful.
    I once made a paper pieced block of a red bird. I had some fabric that was perfect for the bird, it had waves that looked like feathers. When I got it all done, I was so proud, I thought it was so pretty. I showed it to my husband, and he said “That’s pretty but the feathers are up-side-down!” I looked closer, and they were! I didn’t have enough scraps to make it over, or make another one, so I’m going to put it in my quilt and see how many others see my ‘oops’.
    Lisa in Alabama

  3. The hats look great. You have some great looking batiks that are perfect for a knitted cap look. PS I’ve just finished cutting out a snowman pattern and did the same thing. I’m sure it won’t be the last tiime it happens. Mine was not so easily corrected though.

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