Saturday Summing Up

Dang! I never did get to any knitting on my sweater yesterday.  I did, tho, per my plan get my Greta vest blocked

20140216_13I was a bit worried because it was so heavy when I unwrapped it from the towels that it wanted to stretch ever which way but after much patient patting into place and rearranging, a day with two fans blowing on it all day (it’s a heavier yarn so it really took a while to dry), I slid the blocking boards off my bed to the floor last night and this morning it’s finally dry.  With fingers crossed I tried it on and I like it!  It’s nice and long like I wanted; it will definitely be warm.  So today’s job – get the ends all buried and then see if there’s anything in the closet to wear it with. 🙂

There was some laundry done, I printed patterns for the dog block I want to work on and for the stocking hat blocks and taped those together, pulled a few potential fabrics for them, did a bit of computer stuff, and then spent the majority of the day watching old movies and working on an applique block that I need to get off in the mail.

As for today – I have various messes to clean up and put away – clutter abounds, I want to get the dog and hat blocks cut out and ready to stitch.  And maybe do a bit of cooking for some meals for later in the week.  Can I eat dinner now tho? Tonight steak, baked potato and fresh asparagus – my most favorite meal combination (the asparagus which has been $3.99 – $4.99 lb all winter was on sale finally!  As much as I love it, there’s no way I’d pay those high prices for it so I’m a happy camper now with several bunches in the fridge).

Okay first some breakfast or brunch or something and then a bit of cleaning, a bit of playing with fabric and a bit of knitting – sounds like a good plan for the day.

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  1. I love your vest. I have to refrain from knitting for a few days to let my wrist rest. We planted a new raised bed asparagus garden last year so we’ll be able to enjoy fresh asparagus this year. I can’t wait!

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