Greta Vest Finished

Ends are buried and it’s done.  I have a feeling this yarn may grow in length while wearing it  which would be rather annoying but will have to wait and see what happens.  If it does, then it will just be relegated to be worn at home because it is definitely warm and cosy.  Now finally after an entire day of planning to sit and knit – it’s 9: 15 p.m. and I am actually going to go knit for a couple hours.  The weekend has gotten away from me – it’s back to work tomorrow but I just remembered I’ll be minus one boss this week so may I’ll get the piles of paper on my desk sorted and dealt with — just maybe!

Finished 2/16/14 - Greta Vest

Finished 2/16/14 – Greta Vest

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    • Thanks – just fine – very comfy and definitely warm and cozy and lots of compliments. I don’t think the yarn is really going to stretch in length like I feared – at least not after just one wearing anyway so that is great. If I made it again I would (1) make it shorter – I like this longer one but I had to dig an old coat out of the closet because it would have hung out the bottom of my other winter coat and that just looks goofy – plus I did go a bit overboard wanting to make sure this one was long enough. 🙂 So shorten it and maybe make the armholes just a little bit larger – they aren’t uncomfortable but depending on what I wear below it, a little looser wouldn’t hurt.

      • Thanks Denise. I have one armhole done and I have to take it out and make use make it bigger. I’m kind of short so I’ll have to check the length on it when I get that far.

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