February – From Head to Toe, A Knitter’s Gifts – Stocking Caps


Check out this knitting — actually its fabric.

I remember buying it at Wisconsin Quilt Expo, along with a coordinate snowman print, with the intention of making myself a little knitting tote bag out of it to carry my sock projects in — but that hasn’t happened which is just fine because I think it will make a very nice looking stocking cap applique block and pulled it out in anticipation of Head to Toe – but I think I’ll save it for another project I have in the planning stages.     My own version of Head to Toe will be done all in batiks I think.

If you are planning on playing along on the free BOM, From Head to Toe –  A Knitter’s Gifts, which combines my love of quilting and knitting. As with all my projects like this, just click the sidebar button to get the specific info page for the project.


   I’ve had several emails asking what “time” the new blocks will be posted each month.  There is no set time.  If I say it will be posted by 8:00 a.m., and I get busy or decide to (God forbid) sleep in, or go somewhere, if it is not posted by 8:00 a.m. I know when I return my mailbox  will be inundated and there will be hoards of comment posts all asking  where is the pattern where is the pattern. LOL

So for those of you who NEED to have a set time, I will have the patterns posted by 5 p.m. CST.  Now I normally have them posted in the early morning (today’s went live about 5:30 a.m.) or sometimes I will load them the night before but if it’s not there by 5 p.m. on the appointed day, then you can leave a comment asking where it is because that means I’ve totally forgotten to load it (or I’m having computer issues).

But, first check the project page in the sidebar on the appointed day for the new link to that month’s block.  Be sure to save it or print it so you have it.  Remember when the new block is put up, the old one comes down and is no longer available.

hat2 Also, everyone working on this project would love to see the blocks you make.  You can share them on my Justquiltin Flickr group – the link to it is in the sidebar – just click on the image to get there.    In addition to seeing current projects, you can see the great eye candy of photos quilters have loaded of their versions of some of my past designs. 

And of course there is the added bonus that I sometimes use the Flickr photo gallery for random drawing givaways  so it’s incentive to share your photos. 🙂   If you don’t share your photos, are you still eligible for the random drawings?  Not all of them — some will be done as I usually do asking for a comment on a specific blog posts. But others will be held randomly choosing only  from the photos uploaded to the Flickr group.   To better those percentages of being selected, share those photos unless you don’t want to win one of these cute little tote bags 🙂   (I’m still waiting for them to arrive but my Dog Pound Calendars for that project’s giveaways arrived yesterday and are so dang cute so I can’t wait to see these bags and the Dog Pound bags I ordered – Vista Print does such a nice job!)