On the Needles Friday – 2/4/14

wackyheartsdone  Happy Valentine’s Day!

What’s on my needles tonight you ask?  Golden Shore Ledges.   Back is done, front is done, and these are the sleeves I’m plodding along on.









These sleeves are taking forever – well not really but I’m already getting anxious to start my stripey sweater but in the meantime, I decided to join in a sweater knit along which required a yarn purchase since I have very little yarn in sweater quantities.  So once again I’ll be adding to my stash totals rather than decreasing them (another reason I need to get this Shore Ledges done -in addition to wanting to wear it – add some stash used to that tally! LOL  On my list of things to do tomorrow — block my Greta vest so I can wear it finally.  If I’m lazy and do nothing else – that’s one thing I will get done.   Now if I were only a short, skinny person with short arms, this sweater knitting would go soooo much faster (and cost much less) but time to go get comfy and continue knitting on those sleeves.



8 comments on “On the Needles Friday – 2/4/14

  1. You’re going to have to post photos of you modeling the sweater, Denise! It’s a very rich color. I am still rotating my monthly wallhangings.

    • That Wacky Hearts quilt is currently hanging at the office — a large outside cubicle wall that was just looking too blank and boring so I’ve been changing them out seasonally there. I need to get a few more of them finished tho.

  2. Love the little heart quilt!
    Your sweater is coming along so fast. Even the sleeves. I finally got my front band stitches picked up last night…that is no fun at all…and feel like I am at the almost finished stage. Then to concentrate solely on Greta.
    Love the new picture. 🙂

  3. I spent the first half of my life being short and skinny – with extra fabric to wrap around me in every blouse or sweater I wore. But the second half of my life has been spent short and “fluffy” and I keep wishing for loose clothing again. Just need a happy medium or go back to making my own clothes. Your sweater is going to be gorgeous in that gold.

  4. Your sweater is coming along quickly judging by the way I knit. It’s looking very nice too. i agree that knitting would be faster and less costly if you were short and skinny. I am extra tall and average build and it takes more yarn for longer arms and big feet.too.

  5. It’s going to be great to have both those sleeves finished at the same time. You’re still making great progress. I don’t know how you knit so fast.

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