It’s in the mail…..

20140126_4  Well it WILL be in the mail tomorrow.


I heard back from the three gals who won the random drawing for this issue of Quiltmaker with my Spinning Pinwheels design in it so envelopes are addressed and they will go out in the mail tomorrow.


And congratulations to Sara F!   I had one extra issue of the magazine left since my subscription copy is probably also sitting in my mailbox (but it’s been too cold and snowy to bother to get the mail so far this week), so when I loaded a new photo of me to the blog (which is another story) I decided whoever noticed the photo and left a comment first got the extra issue and  not long after I uploaded it, Sara mentioned it.  So the last copy is headed out to her tomorrow too.  Hope you ladies all enjoy the issue – lots of fun quilts in it.

I can’t wait until tomorrow (1) because it is FINALLY Friday!!!  I woke up Wednesday morning think it was Thursday and was very happy in my oblivion until the guy who makes my latte at the coffee shop said something about it being Wednesday.  My hopes were dashed — and this week seemed exceedingly long from the on but (2) more importantly, the Dog Pound calendar designs I ordered for giveaways should be delivered tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see them. 🙂  The tote bags and pens order won’t arrive till probably next week.  Then I have to find a safe place to stash all of them.

Back to my knitting — why are sleeves so boring??  Well it is good don’t have to really pay attention knitting but it seems to be taking forever to make any progress especially since these are bell-shaped sleeves so more stitches than a normal sweater sleeve.  But all progress is goods back at it.