On to the sleeves

20140210_2  Well they don’t really look like sleeves at this point but  that’s two sleeves on those needles.  I decided to do them at the same time because much like “second sock syndrome,” second sleeve might work the same way.  Get one sleeve done and then start a new project since the second sleeve would be boring.. 🙂  Plus it’s much easier to make sure they actually do end up the same length.  These are bell shaped sleeves with just that inch or so of seed stitch on the bottom so I’ve got a whole lot of stockinette stitch with just a few decreases to go before I get to the armholes.  But the perfect thing for movie watching or bus knitting.

I did find a couple interesting looking patterns on Ravelry the other day to save to my library and then go back later to decide if I want to buy them or download them.

One of them is this cowl.  Love the different directions the stitches travel.  This dress – it would look so cute on my sister – I love the one done in white.   And this heavily beaded shawl .  But for now – sweater sleeves and a pair of socks I want to get finished and then I’ll decide what’s next in line.

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