More “Justquiltin Swag”

Or “Denise Swag” as my friend calls it.  I had ordered the Dog Pound Pals calendars but then got a coupon for additional savings and decided – heck I needed some

giveway things for the From Head To Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts project.  Sooo…. yes I ordered a couple of things.  For that project, I ordered some totes — perfect to keep a knitting project in among other things — a knitting bag with a knitting quilt on it.

knitbagBut then, the Dog Pound Dogs really wanted to be on a tote bag too  so I had to order a couple of those.

These have designs on front and back.  The front…


and the back


and I didn’t order any pens in the first order and my Juststitchin pens are running out of ink one by one and I love those pens — so some new dog pens ordered as well.  I’m done shopping!!!  I so excited to see them in person.  Vista Print does a nice job and it’s a good thing they only do this sale twice a year! 🙂

I tried out a new recipe for dinner — I’m not a fan of zucchini – I think i’s a texture thing and a lack of flavor thing (kind of like tofu) 🙂  But I found a recipe on Weightwatchers for these zucchini chips.  They may not be pretty but they taste like a cross between deep fried zucchini sticks and in a way onion rings – I think it’s the coating that reminds me of onion rings.  These I will most definitely make again and the only thing that might make them better (other than my cutting them all the same thickness so none of them turn into ‘blackened chips’) is they would be really good with a drizzle of hot sauce across them.



6 comments on “More “Justquiltin Swag”

  1. Great bags and the pens are wonderful since I got one of the juststitchin ones from you. I get carried away on fabric sites and, of course, Amazon, lol! I am ready for the Knitter’s ( crocheter’s) quilt this weekend!

  2. Love that knitting quilt bag – how can I get one of those? Can’t wait for this project to start – but I’ve got too many irons in the fire. Just jointed a sock club as well!

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